Now is the time to solve all your problems, Aries.


Aries, this Wednesday is the perfect opportunity for you to finally go about fixing any professional or money related issues you have been struggling with recently. Your need to become successful and the strong sense of constantly following the rules, can at times, impede on your ability to relax and have fun.


Taurus, it looks like you’re completely free to be who you are today and you will be extremely keen to celebrate your own individuality as well. Your natural skills and talents will no doubt shine through without you having to put in much effort at all. Situations at home may cause you to become a little sidetracked though, so where possible aim to stay focused on the task at hand.


Gemini, success will be yours for the taking today, if you make a conscious effort to work hard and get the job done to the best of your ability that is. There is a time for fun, but unfortunately now des not seem to be it! Finally outing an argument to rest will make you feel mature and sophisticated, and will also boost your confidence for the future.


Cancer, today you will not have difficulty bonding and staying on the same wavelength as your spouse or partner. You’re sure to look or mutual interests and things that you both enjoy and this is a winning combination. If you feel as though someone is overreacting to a situation, give them a chance to cool down and they will eventually realize where they have gone wrong.


Your judgement and your ability to successfully assess certain situations will not be as strong as it usually is today, Leo. Therefore it’s probably best if you steer clear of making any major decisions throughout the course of the day. Leading other people and securing your place as a natural born leader, may not go down too well with the people around you either.


Virgo, if it’s looking like you’ll have lots on your plate this Wednesday then any practical chores that require a little fun and creativity will be your area of expertise. Even though you may be particularly eager to go after whatever it is that you want immediately, hold tight for a little while, as it may be more profitable for you in the log run if you do.


Libra, if you feel as though you could do with giving something back, particularly to someone elderly whom you now would really appreciate the gesture, look for ways in which you could lend a helping hand. This Wednesday will give you the opportunity to really sort any household issues that could do with your attention.


Scorpio, it looks like lucrative business deals, and important professional conversations will go your way today, so make the most of this time if you have a particular project in mind! If you’ve been patiently waiting for an answer (or perhaps even a sign of some sort) lately, then today you may receive the news you have been hoping for.


Quit putting things on the long finger Sagittarius; start your day early and endeavor to complete all tasks and chores that you have set yourself for the day – being lazy isn’t going to get you anywhere. Be penny-wise today also and consciously account for all your spending. You’ll be more confident and ready to challenge yourself in new ways.


Capricorn, good news for you as it looks like whatever you try your hand at today you will make a success of! However, it’s possible that you will be a little on edge today and when things appear to be in order, you will begin to second-guess it. Do something for yourself that you would have been to afraid to do before now.


Aquarius, your ability to remain cool, calm and collected no matter what situation you find yourself in today will stand by you, so rely on it wherever you can. Being practical and focused will remain your top priorities. Carefully consider the people you spend your time with, as they may not be all they seem.


Good news Pisces, as today looks like it will be one in which you will be free to enjoy yourself and not encounter much trouble or bother! As long as you are happy and content in the way that you behave and conduct yourself, you will feel confident enough to try any new opportunities that should come your way.