We met Rita Ora in London and talked beauty, success and the importance of being loved…

She’s one of the world’s biggest music sensations right now, she’s always in the news (her relationship status in particular is big gossip) and she’s as normal as we hoped she’d be. On top of all that, in what she describes as “something she didn’t have to think about it felt so right”, she’s now collaborating with beauty giants Rimmel on a range of nail polishes and lip colours, kicking off what we hope will be a long partnership with the brand.

We met Rita Ora in a too-swankyfor- the-likes-of-us hotel in London, and the fact that Kate Moss and Georgia Jagger were in the same building almost had us shaking, but we got chatting to Rita about success, style and making “sh*t happen”. “I think the secret to any kind of success story, it’s very difficult to say because everyone is different, but from my perspective? People aren’t stupid. You’ve got to be genuine about what you do. People are going to smell you from a mile away if you’re faking it. They’re not dumb. That’s my connection with my fans. When I released my first songs, I was having the time of my life, and I think people saw that and believed me, and believed in me. People were like ‘good for her!’.”

When it comes to style, Rita has it nailed with her amazing London inspired edgy look starting so many trends. Her fashpack friends, including Ms Cara Delevingne, even copy her style. “I love the brand Local Heroes. I told Cara about them and she became obsessed. I found them on Twitter too. With their clothes it’s a confidence thing. You have to have confidence to wear a sweatshirt with ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ on the back, I have that one from them, it’s my favourite sweatshirt. “I still get every kind of magazine and rip things out and in the beauty sections too. It’s a hobby, I just do it like second nature. Clothes are so much fun. I love detail.” So what’s next for Rita? “My album is coming out mid March, I’ve been doing so much! I’ve got Rimmel stuff during the day and then at night I go to the studio and finish recording and stuff. It’s a big juggling act really! But that’s what I do. I make sh*t happen.” And we love you for it, Rita!