It’s amazing what we’ll do for our gruaig.


Ladies, we spend the equivalent of a full bank holiday weekend tending to our tresses. Seriously. That’s according to a survey conducted by Great Lengths Ireland that recently revealed how the average Irish person (average in the numerical sense of course) spends a full 72 hours a year washing and drying our beloved barnets. And the same goes for Irish men too, they’re getting more vain than ourselves.

Great Lengths also revealed that over 90% of those surveyed said they wash their hair about 4/5 times a week while only 8% behave themselves and actually listen to their hair care experts and wait for four or five days between washes.

But it’s not just time we seem to be spending, but our well-earned dough too. Over 50% of those surveyed say they religiously go to the hair salon every six weeks to maintain their locks, isn’t it well for some? If you’re one of those serial salon-goers, you’re racking up a total of about 27 hours a year sitting in the hair dressers, if not more if you’re getting colour too.

But sure don’t we look all the better for it?

Getting an extra three days a year back sounds appealing but we still think it’s time well spent. God knows how much time a year we spend applying our faces?!

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams was voted as the number one hair idol by Great Lengths’ survey. Una Foden was a close second. Pic: Twitter


Tips from the Pros

If we’re really looking for luscious locks though, Great Lengths hair expert and Principal Educator, Amanda Jackson, recommends cutting back on our hair-washing addictions and offers us a few tips on getting the most from our good hair days…

Don’t wash your hair everyday.

Washing your hair daily strips the hair of its natural oils, making it vulnerable to breakage and more likely to lack lustre. Ideally, you should wash your hair just twice each week.

Go easy on conditioner

If you go easy on the conditioner near the roots you shouldn’t have an issue with greasiness. If you find that your hair does tend to go greasy quickly, then push yourself to go for an entire week without washing it (maybe try this on holiday or at a festival). You’ll find that once you’ve given your hair a decent break and the oils have had time to re-coat your hair, it’ll need washing less frequently.

Give the hairdryer a break

Just like over-washing, blasting your locks with heat can cause severe damage, especially if you don’t use a heat defence spray. Give your hair a break every couple of weeks and let it dry naturally. If you have to blow-dry your hair due to time restraints, be sure to towel dry it thoroughly first. Always use a heat protector product, and turn down the heat – you don’t need it on that super-hot setting to get your hair to dry quick.

Get a trim

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times – you DO need to get those ends trimmed regularly. Even with care, all hair is going to split over time, and unless you get those split ends cut off, they’re going to creep up your hair, making the situation a million times worse. If you can have your hair trimmed every 8-12 weeks you’ll notice that it looks far healthier and holds your chosen style better.