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Twice a week? Hair enough. 

Much to every lazy gal's delight, when it comes to washing your hair - the less frequent, the better. Seriously, washing your hair every day is a big beauty no-no as overwashing your hair will not only dry out your hair but it also strips the hair of natural oils that your hair actually needs. 

But if you're out here thinking how everyone has different hair types so surely there can't be a universal hair washing rule for everyone, then you're right. There isn't. How frequently you wash thin hair versus how frequently you wash dense coils is completely different. For example, if you wash thin hair too frequently, you're asking for dry, damaged hair. However, not washing your thin hair enough can lead to clogged pores, inflammation and ever cause hair loss. But don't panic, there is a formula designed to tell you exactly how frequently you should wash your specific hair type and we've broken it down so you don't have to. 

If You Have Thin Hair: 

Wash it every other day. Oily roots tend to be more visible on thin hair then it does any hair type which might make you want to wash it every day - but don't, it'll only make your situation worse. Instead, wash your hair every other day aka when it feels and looks like it could do with a wash. 

If You Have Thick Hair:

Wash it once a week. Thick hair has denser hair follicles than regular hair meaning it disguises and distributes oil more efficiently. And don't worry about the potential buildup of dirt, using a shampoo that contains tea tree oil will give your hair that deep cleanses it needs while also keeping your scalp happy. 

If You Have Oily Hair:

Wash it every other day. When you have naturally oily hair it can be hard not to feel the need to wash your hair every single day but fun fact: the more you try and defeat your oily roots, the more oil your scalp produces. Overwashing your hair ultimately dries out your scalp which forces your roots to produce more oil in order to make up for the lost moisture. Dry shampoo should become your BFF. 

If You Have Wavy Hair:

Wash it every two days. If your hair has a natural wave to it (lucky you), you'll know it can get weighed down by heavy products. However, waves still need hydration to refrain them from frizzing. All you need to keep those waves from looking defined and extra beach-y is a sulfate free cleansing shampoo and water, every two days.

If You Have Dry, Frizzy Hair:

Wash it every five days. Similar to oily hair - you may feel the need to regularly wash your hair to help with its hydration but just like you can overhydrate a plant, you can overhydrate your hair. Instead, wash your hair every five days with a sulfate free shampoo. This will give your hair all the hydration it needs, without leaving a residue. 

If You Have Tight Coiled Hair:

Wash it every three days. If you've got curly hair then you know all about the ultimate struggle that comes with it: greasy roots but dry ends. The science behind this one is the fact that scalp oils can't make their way down curly hair as quickly as they can with straight hair...think of your curls like wavy speed bumps. Washing your hair every 3 days gives the scalp oil enough time to meet and treat your hair, naturally.

If You Have Damaged Hair:

Wash it every three days. If you're a coloured hair fiend then chances are your hair looks rough, dry and dull. Three days is just enough time to give your hair the chance to repair itself but sometimes, it can need a little boost. To do this, you need to use a shampoo with a creamy formula. Not only will it repair the bonds in your hair that has been broken thanks to all the hair dye but it will also make your hair feel similar to a silk pillowcase. 

If You Have "Normal" Hair: 

Wash it every other day. For the record, there is no such thing as normal hair but if your hair isn't curly, thick, oily or thin - you've got what we like to call 'somewhere in the middle' hair. This means you get to make your own rules that's why we recommend washing your hair every other day because you get to decide what every other day actually means. 

You're welcome. 

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