bad dates? we ain\'t got time for that

bad dates? we ain't got time for that

and no, crawling out of a window is not one...

So, hands up if you've ever experienced this: you've gone through all the b*llshit that is dating. First, you try find someone that doesn't immediately make your stomach turn but eventually, the rare event where someone actually catches your eye comes along and woohoo! they like the look of you too. So, you arrange a date. You spend the entire day stressing over what to wear, you shave your legs (for a change) and wonder whether or not a red lip is a good move...and then, five minutes into your date, you realise they're a total dud. 

our personal mantra

our personal mantra

Are you expected to waste valuable hours (ones you could spend binge watching Ru Paul's Drag Race) on a date you know won't go anywhere? We say no. Forget that obligation to be polite, enduring a really bad date really won't do you or your date any favours. Save yourself!

Here are seven ways to wrap up a date efficiently so you can get back to your cats. 

Be cautious 

If you're in anyway sceptical that the date isn't going to work out, set an end time. Arrange to do something after the date like going to the cinema with friends or book an appointment to get your nails done. This way they can't get mad when you bail because you already told them the date would be cut short. Plus, your evening won't be a total waste of time because you'll have fresh claws. 

Call in reinforcement 

What's the point in having friends if you can't use them in situations like these? Now, that classic getting your pal to text you to say there's an emergency is the oldest trick in the book so don't go there. What you need to do is have a friend on standby, let them know you're going on a date and where it is. Have them be somewhere close by so if the date is a disaster, they can pretend to bump into you and save you from the hellish evening.

Send a text

So you're on the date and it's not going well for one major reason: they won't get off their phone. It's rude and disrespectful and there really is only one thing to do in this situation, send a text. Makes sense right? They're spending the entire date on the phone and watching their face as they receive your message. Priceless. 

Scare them off

Nothing quite scares off a potential lover like letting them know you've got your period. It's the one thing about the menstrual cycle that we're actually grateful for.  Pop to the loo and when you come back; drop the period bomb. We guarantee that they'll be handing you your coat. 

Let somebody know

There are some creepy people out there and thanks to online dating, you'll more than likely encounter someone who makes you feel less than comfortable. Excuse yourself from the date and go tell a member of staff. They'll know what to do. 

Honesty is the best policy

If your date isn't going well, chances are, they've picked up on it too. It's a tough task but once you come out and say it how it is, you'll feel ten times better. A simple "You know what, I just don't think this working" is the perfect way to end that date without leaving any mixed signals behind. 

Duck & Roll 

Okay, so this method should only be used when the previous options won't work. Sure, it's super harsh but sometimes needs must. If your date is going less than swimmingly, tell him you forgot something in the car and just drive home. 

As the saying goes, you've got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find that prince. 

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