2019 is our year.

2019 is our year. Getty Images

Because everyone knows February is the real January first. 

While we may enter 2019 feeling like we can take over the world, that feeling usually comes to a crashing halt right around the second week of January. So if like us, January wasn't all you had hoped for...here's how to own 2019. 

Make a #Goals list

Write down what you’d like in your life and, if you’re getting really into it, work out how you might achieve your goals. E.g.: “I want a better role at work” would need steps like (1) ask to be trained on something new (2) volunteer for any new projects (3) make the boss realise I’m awesome. That sort of stuff. Mapping out your aims and how you'll get 'em will help you focus.

Get rid of the bad stuff

Bad relationships, bad wardrobe choices, bad eyeliner: clear away what’s not making you happy, or what’s stopping you from living your best life. It doesn’t all have to be done in one violent swoop in January, but just make the intention and do it soon.

Challenge yourself

It’s easy to be a creature of habit - and it’s easy to lose actual years to just pottering along, not doing much of anything. Make this year the one you challenge yourself a bit. That could be signing up for a class, or a Tinder account, taking on a new gig at work or finally having the nerve to try a TRX class. Just do something new, and you could find your new favourite thing!

Focus on the good stuff

Sometimes the problems we encounter seem bigger than the good experiences. It’s okay to be unhappy when things aren’t going well but it’s also okay to enjoy the good stuff - and remember what you have to be grateful for. It’s all about balance, y’see. If it helps, keep a list of good things when they happen. It makes for a nice reminder to be hopeful during tougher times.

 Don’t compare yourself to others

You’re an individual, as is everyone else. We all do things in our own time and at our own pacs. Don’t forget too that social media is full of filters and best-angle-only selfies. Everyone has good and bad times in their lives - whether they Insta post about it or not - and the best thing to do is just focus on your own world and being as happy and confident as you can be. See?Britney knows.

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