We\'ve no longer got any time for this on again, off again carry on.

We've no longer got any time for this on again, off again carry on.

How to know when it's time to delete Tinder for good.

Dating is tough. First, you’ve got to find someone to go on a date with and that’s no easy task. Then, you’ve to figure out whether he’s actually into you or he’s more into ...other things about you. But once you find that one boy who actually wants to watch Netflix with you but is also totally down for chilling, how do you know when it’s time to go from casually dating to full commitment?

Here are the surefire signs it’s time for you and your bae to have that talk.

You've met each other's friends and family

When you've got a new bae on the scene, it's only natural to be a little apprehensive to introduce him to your friends and family. What if it doesn't work out? What if it scares him off? If you've reached this stage, it's time to start calling him your boyf. 

You've made it on his social media

If he's posted a picture of you to his Instagram story or there's a selfie of the two of you together somewhere on his feed, things are getting serious. 

PDA is not an issue

So some guys can be a bit weird when it comes to PDA and we're not saying he should be snogging the face off you on Dame Street (that's a bit much) but if he's not afraid of holding your hand walking around town because he doesn't care who might see, he's a keeper.  

You no longer feel the need to constantly impress him

If he's seen you without your brows and he hasn't gone running, it's love. 

You see him all the time

If you two are constantly having date nights, then that probably means he hasn't time to fit any other girls into his schedule. It's also a pretty good indication that he's smitten. Girl have that talk...now. 

You sleep together, without sleeping together

Remember when you first started dating and every sleepover would lead to sex? Whereas now you are both comfortable enough to just get a solid 8 hours next to one another. If he's totally up for just having a little spoon then you know he ain't no f*ckboy. 

You don't go on Tinder anymore...even when you're bored

You don't feel the need to search for anyone else because you're pretty darn content. It's time to make sure he's not swiping either. 

You're turning into quite the green-eyed monster

If the thought of him spending time with any other girl that isn't you sends you into a furious rage...you're ready to be his girlfriend. 

He's the last person you talk to at night

You talk on the phone every night or you'll send each other a cute goodnight text on those dreaded nights you spend apart. Yep, you've hit relationship peak. 

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