While lash extensions are arguably the best beauty invention since, well, mascara, at over €100 a go, we'd like to see our fresh festive flutter last well into 2019. We spoke with lash expert Harriet from The Blink Bar and asked her if there was anything we could do to make our extensions last just a little bit longer. 

Turns out she had a few tips and tricks.

Go Lighter

The thicker the lashes, the heavier they tend to be, and the more the gravity will have its way with them, Harriet says. And the method used can too, have an effect. The Blink Bar's 'classic' lash method involves one lash extension being glued to natural lash in a ratio of 1:1, while their 'volume' lash set is where multiple lash extensions are added to one natural lash for added intensity.

Oil-Free Zone

Super-rich cleansers and creams may do your skin a solid, but when trying to make your lashes last, it's best to steer clear. The oils in the products will break up the glue and cause lashes to fall out prematurely. Harriet even advises avoiding creamy eyeshadows and liners where possible. 

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Keep Clean

We encourage our clients to shampoo the lashes once a day before bed with baby shampoo, rinsing well with water. This removes any dry dead skin that might get trapped in the lash line and also removes excess natural oils, it's also great for the baby lashes growing up to keep them clean and healthy. 

Not Hot Air

Dani Dyer might have made doing this act go viral, but Harriet's been blow-drying lashes long before Love Island. After showering or shampooing, she recommends blow drying your lashes on the lightest, coolest setting. Then, brushing them down and out—very lightly and without too much pressure—with the wand they give to clients on leaving. This will help them grow in the same direction.

Sleep Right 

Bad news, stomach sleepers: sleeping with your face pushed into your pillow can cause your extensions to fall out more quickly. Instead, always try to sleep on your back, so your lashes can stay untouched while you snooze, and if you're feeling boujee, treat yourself to a silk pillowcase to lessen moisture-wicking and friction.

Seal Tight 

Applying an eyelash sealer every morning can help to keep your lashes in place, longer. Containing both an acrylic and hyaluronic serum to adhere the extensions, it will condition your natural lashes at the same time. 

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Waterproof = Woes 

"Though clients might not need to wear mascara once they have extensions, sometimes they might want to add some extra drama to their look and in that case, we tell them to avoid waterproof formulas at all cost" Harriet says. They're much harder to remove and all that rubbing is bad news for the lifespan of your lash extensions. 

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