who knew?

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You say Ay-sausce, I say Ahsos...

Despite acting like we know absolutely everything about, well, absolutely everything, every now and then we get an unfriendly reminder that we actually haven't a clue. From using sheet masks wrong our whole lives to wearing the incorrect bra size - there's a lot of knowledge we take for granted. 

But instead of lacking in beauty skills and a measuring tape, this time that wake up call comes from online retailer, ASOS. We've had many a heated debate here in U HQ on the correct pronunciation of ASOS. Is it A.S.O.S because it's an abbreviation of As Seen On Screen? Is it Ay-saus, Is it Ahsos? Is it Ace-sos? Or is it ass-os? There seems to be a hundred and one ways to pronounce ASOS and it's hard to know what to believe.

But if you are going to take anyone's word for it, it should probably be ASOS themselves. Well, the good news is that after many years of speculation, they have just revealed how to pronounce ASOS - the right way.

Jumping on the latest trending hashtag bandwagon, ASOS decided to chime in with their #UnpopularOpinon which schooled us all that it's actually pronounced AY-SOS and not A-S-O-S.

Now for some of you, you're probably thinking - 'well duh!' but the tweet has shook the internet.

And just when you thought the mystery of pronouncing ASOS was cleared up for good, there's no speculation over how exactly the final three letters are pronounced.

While that is a debate for another day, we do know one thing: our online shopping addiction won't stop whatever way you say it.

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