Find yourself a prince, not an Adam.

Find yourself a prince, not an Adam.

The f*ckboy breed is growing rapidly, here's how to tell if he's actually in it for the long haul...

If you've ever dated, you've encountered a f*ckboy. You know how it goes, you match on Tinder and before you can even say hi, he tells you how he's not really looking for anything serious.  Despite them becoming a common breed, they can be super hard to spot. How do you know if he really is into you or he's just into the convenience of you?

Well, the f*ckboy species is not an intelligent or a diverse breed so once you can spot one, you can spot them all. If your new love interest is showing any of these signs, it might be time to say buh-bye. 

His Plans Lack Planning

Ah, this is f*ckboy move number one. He’ll say things like “Oh, we should hang out sometime” but he never actually says when that sometime will be. Chances are you’ll never actually hang out...or outside the bedroom that is.

He Disappears For Days

So you're texting and all is going well until he just vanishes and just when you think you've been ghosted, he responds. Oh, and he won't offer any kind of explanation for his absence because y'know that kind of behaviour is totally normal.

He’s Always Super Busy

He's either disappeared for days or it’s been ages since you last “hung out” so you discreetly ask what’s up. If his response over-explains why he’s been AWOL like “hey! Sorry just been so so busy with work and college and my friend that moved to Australia is home again so we’ve been catching up and oh my fish died”, that’s code for “I don’t want to hang out”.

He’s Nowhere To Be Seen Between 7 pm - 11 pm

AKA prime dating hours. If he’s chatting to you before seven and goes missing till way after eleven then yeah, he’s been on a date.

He’s Always On His Phone

Sure, he could just be texting friends but wouldn’t his friends know he’s on a date with a hot girl and they probably shouldn’t text him? Maybe we’re being paranoid and he’s not actually texting other girls but either way, it’s rude AF and you shouldn’t tolerate that kind of behaviour.

It's Always Your Fault

Now, this is the big one. Most f*ckboys don’t even know they’re f*ckboys so they find themselves trying to come up with shitty excuses for their behaviour because it wasn’t their fault. This is where you come in. He never actually confirmed he’d meet you in Cassidy's on Friday night or despite pretty much acting like your boyfriend, he did tell you 6 months ago that he wasn’t the relationship kind of guy.

He Tells You Not To Worry

You've been seeing one another for a while now and you're starting to catch some major feels. So you decide to ask him if he's seeing anyone else but he avoids the answer or says something like "you don't need to worry about that". Major red flags.

He Doesn’t Introduce You To Anyone

Okay, so this one has a fine line. Sometimes people get scared to introduce their new bae to their friends because they don’t want to jinx anything...and that’s okay. But if you’re out on a date and bump into a friend of his and he acts like you’re invisible...BOY BYE.

He Doesn't Do Pictures

You'll be on a date somewhere fun and you want to put it up on your Instagram story because you're a millennial and that's just what we do. He'll refuse to get in the picture and at first, you think it's just because he's shy and insecure but the reality is he's just afraid one of his other girls will see and that's his game over.

He Loves A Late Night Text

We all know at this stage that if he sends a "U up?" text, then he's not in it for your sense of humour.  But sometimes we're blinded by love (aka a frontman in a band with a beard) and we'll tell ourselves that the late night text is just him checking in on us because he cares but wake up, it's just a booty call.

He Talks About The Future

No other f*ckboy move will mess with your head quite like this one. So he’s made it loud and clear that he doesn’t want to be your boyfriend and you’re cool with that but he goes on to talk about you in the future. He’ll suggest going to a gig that’s months away or how he’d love to take you to his family’s house in Wexford during the summer but chances are he's all talk and no action.

Remember ladies; you're strong, beautiful, independent woman and you don't deserve to be treated like crap.

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