Heath Ledger is the only person that can pull off a bleeding red lip.

Heath Ledger is the only person that can pull off a bleeding red lip. The Dark Knight

Creating the perfect red lip is a hard job but is there anything more soul destroying than seeing your masterpiece slide down the side of your face?  We're putting a stop to it once and for all.

As soon as Autumn comes around, we throw out our glossy nude lipstick and dive straight in for some berry shades. But as any gal who loves to daunt a red lip will know, that bad boy doesn’t come without its struggle. You’ve first got the battle of finding the perfect shade to match your skin tone, it’s a nightmare if you’re going out to eat or have a bae to kiss but worst of all is when that lipstick begins to bleed. You go from looking like an old Hollywood movie star to looking like the Joker in 0.6 seconds and that ain’t cute.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to figure out how the heck we can keep that lip from ruining our perfectly contoured base.

Moisturise & Exfoliate

The rest of these hacks are utterly pointless if your lips aren’t in good condition. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturise your lips as regularly as you would your face. Lip scrubs and balms are about to become your BFF.

Prime, Prime, Prime

You prime your face before putting on foundation, you prime your eyelids before doing a smokey eye so why on earth would you not prime your lips before putting on a dark lip? Primers ain’t no beauty myth, they really do work. It’ll first give you a smooth and even canvas so your lipstick will easily glide on but it’ll also give enough “stick” so your lipstick doesn’t decide to drip down the sides of your mouth.

Conceal, Don't Feel

You’ve got two options here when it comes to concealer. Applying concealer all over your lips works as something your lipstick can stick to but it’ll also provide a neutral base to really make the colour pop. Or if the idea of foundation lips for a brief second gives you secondary school terrors, take an angled makeup brush and apply concealer around the edge of your mouth when you’ve applied your lipstick. This will act as a barrier so your lippie can’t go sliding but also a way to clean up any mistakes.

Line Those Lips

We've all been there. You’re at the makeup counter looking for that perfect nude lipstick and just when you find it and go to purchase it, the sales assistant asks: do you want the lip liner that goes with it? We usually make up a pathetic excuse like ‘oh we already have it!’ but that’s all about to change. Before you put your lipstick on, fill your entire lip with a lip liner in the same shade, it acts as a fence for your lips and it’s the perfect guide for not overdrawing your lips.

Know Your Formula

We know it sounds like a no-brainer but seriously, chose a long last formula. Lipsticks that are super waxy or wet tend to bleed way more than a lipstick that’s matte or satin. Not only will your lipstick not bleed but it’ll also stay on after lunchtime.

Use A Brush

Using a brush to apply your lipstick will definitely give you a more precise lip but it’ll also help stop bleeding. The science behind this is simple. By applying lipstick with a brush, you aren’t using as much product as you might when you apply it directly from a tube. Less product = less bleeding.

Blot The Day Away

So blotting your lips is stuff you learn on your first day in makeup school but it’s often the most skipped step. Lipstick won’t just bleed down the sides of your face but also onto your teeth and neither of those looks are a look. To stop this from happening is easy. Once you’ve applied your lipstick, grab a tissue, put it in between your lips and press your lips together. The tissue soaks up any excess oil or product reducing the risk of any leaks.

Powder - Not Just Your Face

Once you’ve blotted your lips, grab translucent powder, a tissue and a brush. Pop the tissue over your lips and brush translucent powder on top. Just like applying powder over your foundation, this will help your lips last. Top tip: do another light coat of lipstick after this step to make sure the powder doesn’t dull down the lip colour.

Spritz, Spritz, Spritz

Setting spray is the true MVP of the makeup world. Giving an extra squirt or two of setting spray to your lips will not only give you lips that will last all night but it’ll also give you a piece of mind.

Now go forth and conquer those red lips ladies!

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