nobody does it better than Bella.

nobody does it better than Bella.

Self-love is the best love

Look we get it, you know how to take a selfie. It's 2019 and if you don't know your angles by now, you never will. First and foremost, the reason behind you taking a fire picture of yourself should be for you...but sometimes and we mean only sometimes, we might have someone in mind when taking that photo. You know like a new crush or your ex. 

A thirst trap is a particularly flirty photo of you that you'll post to send a gentle reminder to your followers of how hot you truly are. It's kind of like the 2019 version of a 90's high school seduction scheme. (Think Cher in Clueless.) While sometimes your selfie can become a thirst trap, unintentionally...most of the time we know exactly what we're doing when we subtly press our upper arm against our chest and tilt our head to the left.

Capturing the ultimate thirst trap is an art form and if you disagree, just keep scrolling. Celebs have the act down to a tee and we've decided to up our selfie game this year.  It's time to learn from the best. 

The Myspace

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Chilling :)

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It's the classic selfie pose we can thank Myspace for. Arm up, head's a universally-flattering angle. To turn an innocent selfie post into a thirst trap, you've first got to find your light and reap in all the benefits. Next, you want to have just enough skin showing that gives your photo an 'r' rating but not so much that it becomes NSFW.

The Up Close And Personal

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Most people presume that in order to set a thirst trap, you have to show off your body...well, that's fake news. A close-up and personal selfie where your makeup is on point and you're looking cute works wonders. You're showing a sense of vulnerability by posting a picture that close up and guess what? he's into it. 

The Faux Date

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this icy pink shadow from my Chill Baby Palette > 👀💘

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Now, this is when a thirst trap gets clever. You're on a mate date but your followers don't need to know that. Get said friend to snap a photo of you where you look like the hottest date ever which will not only light a little jealousy in your crush but it'll also make him think that he just HAS to go on a date with you. 

The If You Got It, Flaunt It

It's like an OOTD but only way, way sexier. Getting a full body shot where your outfit is fire and you look hot is a win-win because it shows off your style AND your assets. 

The Bedroom Eyes

This gives the term 'bedroom eyes' a whole new meaning. What you want to do is take a picture either on or beside a bed. Beds are's where the magic happens, allegedly. While to your friends, it's just another picture of you looking him, it's the ultimate thirst trap. Expect your DMs to be flooded. 

The Candid Photoshoot

If there's one thing we've learned from Kim Kardashian, it's to surround yourself with people who will take great photos of you. What appears to your crush as a super casual, natural snap is actually a gruelling four-hour photo shoot with your best friend. It's worth it in the end. 

The Swimsuit Catalogue

Ah, the swimsuit selfie...the foolproof way to making those hearts flutter. Bikinis are hot and your holiday backdrop makes for the most instaworthy post. Not only does it show you're super cultured because you like to travel but you look good too. They also make for the perfect #TBT when you're needing a little ego boost. 

*BRB* Just going to find our good light. 

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