everything we thought we knew was a lie

everything we thought we knew was a lie@chrissyteigen on Instagram

Oh, sheet! 

It's a little known fact that face masks can solve any of life's problems. Bad day at work? Face mask. Overplucked your eyebrows? Face mask. Rent is due next week and you have less than five euro in your bank account? Face mask.  Accidentally swiped left to a super hot guy with a dog on Tinder? Face mask.

So while a face mask may not exactly ~solve~ those problems, they will, however, distract you long enough that you don't become a nervous wreck and that's pretty much the same thing. But face masks can be time-consuming, especially if you go the DIY route. So that's why when sheet masks first came on the scene, our lazy but enjoys being pampered selves were thrilled. 

Simply take out of the packet, pop on your face, leave for 15 minutes and boom, glowing skin. Easy right? Well, actually no - it's not that simple. Turns out there's actually a fine art to applying a sheet mask that until now, none of us were aware of. 

So if Friday nights are pamper nights, here are the top nine mistakes we've all been making when using sheet masks - and how to rectify them. 

Not Using The Right Kind Of Mask For Your Skin

So okay, maybe this seems like an obvious one but we bet at some stage in your sheet mask life, you've bought one just because it's metallic gold...and not because it's actually good for your skin. Hey, no judgement, we've been there too but as fun as it is to have a metallic gold face for 15 minutes, you really should start paying attention to what skin type those face masks are designed for and buying the ones that best suit you and your skin.

Using Too Much Product

From foundation to ketchup, we’ve got a heavy hand when it comes to liquids and it’s no different when we use an ‘apply it yourself’ face mask. Look, there are days where our skin feels extra crap so we tend to whack on a thicker layer than usual to give our skin that bit more TLC but it’s actually doing more damage.

Treating Face Masks As A Treat

If we’ve a special event coming up, we often get a bit giddy because it gives us an excuse to pamper ourselves. But guess what? You don’t need an excuse to treat yourself.  You should be incorporating a face mask into your weekly skin care routine. If you’re unsure of how frequently you should be using a face mask, check the back of the packaging because no two face masks are the same. Some will suggest once a week only where others will recommend 3-4 times a week. 

Not Prepping Your Skin Beforehand

So picture this; you’re having a no make-up day and it hits about 8 pm and you’re feeling very proud of yourself for giving your face a chance to breathe so you think about treating it that bit more by doing a face mask, so you just lash it on without giving your mug a clean beforehand. Sound familiar? Us too. Just because you haven’t applied makeup to remove doesn’t mean you can skip a cleanse. You should be applying your face mask to clean, dry skin so not giving your face a scrub beforehand just means you’re layering a face mask on top of dirt and bacteria it's picked up during the day...gross.

Thinking A Face Mask Is The Final Step

Hate to break this one to you but a face mask doesn’t solve all of life's problems. After masking, you aren’t finished. You need to carry on with your regular skin care regime, applying a toner, serum and most importantly a moisturiser is key to locking in all those face mask benefits.

Using A Sheet Mask Straight Out Of The Packet

Okay, so maybe you're thinking we're dumb for not already knowing this but you should be cutting your face mask to make it fit your face. We mean once you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. You cut your false eyelashes to fit your eyes, so you should be cutting your sheet mask to fit your face instead of almost being suffocated because it’s too big.

Using A Dirty Brush To Apply A Sheet Mask

Now judge us all you want, but sometimes we just can’t be bothered to wash our brushes every single time but realising how gross and completely pointless it is to apply a face mask with an unwashed brush, you can be sure we are going start washing those bad boys daily.

Leaving A Face Mask On Too Long

We’ve all been there, the packet says to leave on for 15 minutes so you take to Instagram to fill the time but you get carried away creeping on your ex’s cousin’s cat’s account and an hour has gone by. Leaving a face mask on longer than it should be is actually super harmful to your skin because the benefits only apply while the mask is still wet. Once the mask dries out, it begins to draw moisture and vitamins away from your face as opposed to nourishing the skin like intended.

And Finally, There Is A Correct Side To Apply Your Sheet Mask

Again, so maybe we really just didn't have a clue about sheet masks to begin with but we're feeling confident that you too have at one stage or another worn a sheet mask the wrong way round. But it's time to clear the most confusing part of face masks up and reveal that the side facing the paper is the side you should be applying to our skin. Groundbreaking, we know. 

And there you have it, that is how to face mask like an absolute pro.

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