Could he be king of the jungle?

Could he be king of the jungle?

All the drama from episode 10 of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here...

It feels like only yesterday we were watching the campmates enter the jungle for the first time but somehow, we're already on episode 10. Last night's show was another corker between candle gate, a hellish hospital and Harry Redknapp being, well, Harry Redknapp. 

It's official: Anne is the Queen of the jungle

We've been backing Anne from early on and maybe our love for The Chase made us a little bias but last night she confirmed that she really is everyone's favourite. Monday night revealed that Anne was chosen by the public to face 'Hellish Hospital and it's safe to say the internet wasn't best pleased...

But Anne well and truly (you guessed it) smashed it! Anne entered the hospital and had to dig through the rooms in order to find stars. She was completely unfazed by a python, rummaged through piles of raw meat and fish guts all while pigeons and insects flew ahead. What really made us fall in her love her though was when she opened a wardrobe filled with spiders and just went: NOPE! Anne completed the trial gaining seven out of a possible eleven stars. ALL HAIL QUEEN ANNE!

Candle Gate

Last night we saw the first bit of drama in the camp...well kind of. The camp has been getting on particularly well this year. There's no stirrers, no argumentative celebrities, they really are getting on like one big happy family.  However, last night we got our first glimpse of possible drama. John Barrowman went to get his bag last night and discovered an entire "wax factory" had moved in. The incident happened after Malique lit a candle on top of it and the wax dripped into the bag overnight. John was a bit p*ssed off as he had told the camp mates not to light the candle but Malique did it anyway. But as you could imagine with such a kind camp, Malique apologised and the drama was over. 

Harry is so 'peng ting'

Sitting around that campsite all day and all night without anything to do has got to be a little boring. The celebrities are constantly trying to find new ways to entertain themselves and last night, Fleur and Malique decided to teach Harry how to rap. Yep, Harry Redknapp is now rapping. It all started off when Harry was talking to Fleur about his wife Sandra (we cannot cope with their romance btw) and how he wants to take her our grinding. Fleur then told Harry: "When you see her, say 'Sandra, you peng ting'." Harry being Harry joked that Sandra would think he was asking her had she been painting. Thus, a rap was born. 

And For Today's Reason Why We Love Harry Redknapp so much:

Thought his rap was good? Us too but proving he really is the gift that keeps on giving, Harry wasn't having any of Nick's gentlemenly ways. Noel and Fleur competed in the dingo dollar challenge and won scampi fries as a result. The portion was a little on the small side so the pair decided to give the scampi fries to Nick because he didn't get to go the feast on Monday night. Nick being the gent that he is, wanted to offer the crisps around the camp but Harry came out with this cracker of a one-liner

"No Nick, we ain’t having none of your bullsh*t Nick"

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