Rita\'s had enough

Rita's had enough

All the drama from episode 11 of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here...

It's been lovely watching the camp mates get on so well this year but we can't help but crave a bit of drama. Finally, last night's episode we got just that. Tensions are well and truly brewing in the camp and we predict it won't be long till we get the first fight of the season.

Holly Willoughby is us

So we all love Holly for many reasons but the main thing that makes her so loveable is how relatable she is. Last night's episode confirmed that we and Holly are the same person. First up on the show was the latest bushtucker trial: "dreaded deliveries". Sair and Malique were challenged to eat 11 disgusting takeaway dishes including a cow's teat, a scorpion, a pig's snout and spoonfuls of dead flies. Holly spent the trial covering her eyes, gagging or bent over in the bush as she watched the celebrities stomach the critters. Viewers had a similar reaction, watching Sair eat a camel's hoof really put us off munching on that packet of Tayto. 

Nick-er Gate

Nick Knowles is a gent. There's just no denying that but while last night's episode had us swooning over him even more, some people weren't too pleased with his latest act of chivalry. Nick spotted a pair of ladies' pants had fallen from the washing line and he felt a little weird picking them up which we thought was pretty fair considering he only knows the girls a couple of days. He asked John if he would pick them up and it sparked a major debate in camp. John wanted to know why it was okay for him to pick them up as a gay man and why it wasn't okay for Nick to pick them up as a straight man, we mean, fair point. This then led to discussions on what is and isn't appropriate etiquette between men and women. The main question; is it okay for a woman to fart in front of their partner? Who said reality TV wasn't high brow, ey?

Tensions Are Rice-ing

Last night we finally got that smidgen of drama we've been craving so badly and it was all thanks to food. John and Sair are the camp's chefs and they've taken it upon themselves to ration the rice and beans. Not an unusual choice giving the risk they might not get a meal. John was making lunch and put on four portions of rice to split between the eleven campmates and Rita was having none of it. Rita was hungry and wanted more rice, she called a vote in the camp which overruled John's initial decision. The whole thing was one big passive-aggressive showdown and we loved it. It was later revealed in the show that Rita and a few other of the girls are expecting their periods and the tension made sense. Nobody should be hungry when mother nature calls. 

And for today's reason why we love Harry Redknapp so much:

From alligator to silky, the dinners in the jungle are somewhat of a required taste and Harry has not got that kind of palette. While he's given everything a go thus far, last night's dish of camel steak really pushed him over the edge and although he went hungry, it didn't stop his humour. 

"I didn't even know anyone ate camel, I only thought you went for rides on 'em"

Tune into Virgin Media One at 9 pm tonight to see Nick Knowles, John Barrowman and Harry Redknapp battle in the first challenge for immunity.

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