Taxi anyone?

Taxi anyone?

All the drama from episode 12 of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here...

Last night's episode of I'm A Celeb was say the least. From the campmates being split into animal teams, Fleur singing about how she loves her bum and Noel Edmonds revealing he travels with a mannequin called Candice, there really is no predicting what the celebrities will do next. 

Campfire sing-a-long

The jungle has proven time and time again that it really is the place where music comes alive. (Remember Insania? tune.) Last night's show once again confirmed that fact as Fleur East came up with a funky tune.  It all started when Emily noticed how skinny Fleur has gotten since being in the jungle and mentioned it to her. Fleur was less than pleased by the news and thus, a song was born:

"I don't want want to be a skinny minny, I like the curves on my body, I like my bum, I like my things..." 

Emily then joined in by dancing along and threw her hand at songwriting...

"I like my breasts, they are very nice."

It wasn't long till the entire campsite got involved for one massive sing-a-long. Later in the episode, we saw Harry and Anne singing the tune in the bush telegraph proving the song is an instant hit. We'd be lying if we said we haven't been singing it in our heads all morning...

Bushtucker trials are so last year

So last night saw the first challenge for immunity in the aptly named: immunity games. The public chose John, Nick and Harry to take part in 'deadly dash'. The task saw the boys collect six puzzle pieces all while racing down a track and because it's I'm A Celeb, there were, of course, some creepy obstacles along the way. Knowing this challenge was a race, pretty much everyone ruled out Harry but weren't we left shocked. Harry absolutely (get ready) smashed the trial, he stuck his head in a bucket full of insects looking for the jigsaw piece and not even a box filled with water dragons made him squeal. However, it really was a case of the tortoise and the hare as Nick won the race. Winning the race meant the celebrities were allowed choose which fellow campmates became their teammates. Nick chose Malique and Sair to join Team Galahs, John chose Anne and Emily to join Team Koalas and finally, Harry chose Fleur and James for Team Roos. This then left Noel and Rita to form their own team: the Underdogs. 

Noel + Candice = 4eva 

So it's safe to say Noel has been driving his fellow campmates around the bend lately (all eyes looking at you, Nick) but it turns out when it actually comes to driving, he's a genius. In yesterday's show, Noel told his campmates all about how he avoids traffic. He drives a taxi but not as a taxi driver. Noel Edmonds bought himself a black cab so he could drive to work in 20 minutes as opposed to an hour and 20 minutes, thanks to the bus lanes. But how does he not get flagged down all the time? Well, because he puts a mannequin called Candice in the back. Now before you get any ideas, it didn't all go swimmingly...

“I can claim to be the person that cost Bristol Council a huge amount of money because when I hit the news that I was going down the bus lane in my black cab, which is legal, they put cameras on all the lanes. I reckoned I saved five months of my life when I added up the hours in the morning and evening. But when I got the ticket I didn’t take my cab in the bus lane any more."

Not letting that stop him, Noel just bought a bus instead. That's the kinda rich we're aiming for, tbh.

And for today's reason why we love Harry Redknapp so much:

The entire trial was a real Harry highlight. But the best part? Harry revealed to Dec and Holly that he's rubbish at puzzles as his he never got one as a child. We're starting a GoFundMe page right now. 

Tune into Virgin Media One at 9 pm tonight to see all the campmates compete in the next round of the Immunity Games.

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