they kept that one quiet, ey?

they kept that one quiet, ey?

All the drama from episode 17 of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here...

Last night's episode did all sorts of things to our eyes. We were treated to the sight of Nick Knowles in his pants, we couldn't stop crying when the celebrities got their letters from home and our eyes nearly popped out of our head when we found out which celebrity was voted off the show. 

Baywatch called, they want their pants back

So we've been crushing on Nick Knowles something fierce ever since he entered the jungle. Don't judge us, he is such a gent. Last night truly was a sight for sore eyes as Nick decided to strip down to his pants in order to keep dry on the hunt to get water. Emily got to join him on this quest. Speaking later in the day to the bush telegraph, Emily admitted she just couldn't keep her giggles to herself.

"You couldn't not mention them, it was the elephant in the room --- oh no, I can't say elephant in the room...he'll be thrilled with that!"

The matching socks is really what made us swoon, we predict a Nick Knowles 2020 calendar coming soon.

There's not a dry eye left in the jungle

Last night we got the classic 'letters from home' scene...even though we had one very early on in the season too. However, last time the celebrities received letters from home: Nick, James and Harry never got theirs. This time around, they finally received their letters...cue the tears. First up was James who heard from his girlfriend, Kirstie. The letter told him how proud she is of him and how much she misses him. Crying. Next was Nick who heard from his son, TJ. The letter took the opportunity to tell Nick how proud his son is that he has Nick for a dad...that and the fact that his cover of 'Make You Feel My Love' is number one on the iTunes chart. Crying. Finally, we heard from Harry's wife; Sandra. We thought we were all cried out but the letter was a true testament to how much Harry and his wife love one another. Crying.

Rita leaves the jungle

Rita Simons was chosen by the public to be the fourth celebrity to leave the jungle. During her interview with Dec and Holly, she revealed that this wasn't the first time she had to exit the campsite. Rita suffers from hypoglycemia and she fell ill quite a few times due to her blood sugar dropping too low. Medics came into the camp to treat Rita and last night, she had to be taken out of camp. She got the all clear and was eventually allowed to return camp...without any of us knowing she ever left! 

And for today's reason why we love Harry Redknapp so much: 

He conquered his fear of rats! Harry (alongside Nick and Emily) took place in last night's bushtucker trial: 'Wicked Warehouse'. The challenge saw Harry and Nick lie down in divided boxes whilst Emily placed a wide range of hideous creatures on top of them. The worst? Rats. Harry's greatest fear are rats and last night he had to come face to face with two massive rats. He of course (get ready) smashed it. GO ON HARRY!

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