We demand a recount.

We demand a recount.

All the drama from episode 18 of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here...

Wednesday nights aren't all that bad when you've got an episode like last night's I'm A Celeb to watch. We finally got to hear Nick Knowles sing, not even a spraint ankle can stop John Barrowman from facing his fears and we were left fuming when we found out who the public voted off next. 

Fleur and John go down under

John and Fleur decided they would be the two celebrities to take part in the latest bushtucker trial: 'Rotten Retrieval'. The challenge was for John to be locked up while all sorts of disgusting insects crawled around him, while Fleur digs for keys in order to save him. We definitely had to adjust the volume on our TVs as John and Fleur sure know how to scream but who could blame them? We'd have the exact same reaction if worms, spiders, and cockroaches were crawling all over us and all we could do was lie there and accept our fate. The pair completed the challenge in the nick of time and well and truly(ahem) smashed it as they won seven out of a possible seven stars. 

Pints anyone?

The seven remaining contestants were treated last night to a trip down the aul jungle pub but because it's I'm A Celebrity, it wasn't that easy. In order to gain entry to the 'Jungle Arms', the celebrities had to form a queue and while they waited, buckets of critters were dropped on them. They were then met with the bouncer: Kiosk Kev, who asked each of the campmates a question. Get it wrong? back to the end of the queue. Get it right? in you go. After some time, all of the celebrities were allowed go to the pub where they were treated with drinks, snacks, and karaoke.  We finally got to hear Nick's voice, Fleur taught the campmates her routines and Anne and John sang musical hits. We have major FOMO. 

Bye Anne

It's no secret that we've been backing Anne ever since she entered the show so it's safe we're only fuming with the public for voting her off next. Yes, we know she wanted to leave and seeing the actual joy on her face when she finally got the news she had been waiting does make us feel bad for wanting to keep her in there but she would have made a fantastic jungle queen. 

And for today's reason why we love Harry Redknapp so much:

Harry and Emily were the last two campmates to gain entry to the Jungle Arms and while they had to endure creepy crawlies, Harry protected Emily from the insects and our hearts cannot cope. Now Anne is gone from the jungle, it's all hail King Harry in our books.  

Tune into Virgin Media One at 9 pm tonight to see who will be the next celebrity evicted from the jungle.

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