We\'ve got the feels...

We've got the feels...

All the drama from episode 9 of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here...

Monday nights are not so terrible when you've got a jungle full of celebrities to gawk at.

You better twerk b*tch...

So y'know how we were all super apprehensive as to whether or not Dec would be able to cope without Ant? Yeah, we don't have that worry anymore. As the series has progressed, we've seen Dec and Holly really find their groove but last night they truly outdid themselves. Holly started by telling us at home how it's hard when two egos are fighting for screen time. The two then began to bicker over who should read the next link, Holly triumphed as she got herself a close up but Dec wasn't having it. He climbed up on the table and shoved his head into Holly's shot. We couldn't stop laughing. The camera then panned out to reveal Dec on all fours and just when we thought we were over our fit of giggles, he began twerking right in Holly's face. Declan Donnelly, you've got some moves. 

Team 'Smash It'

You've probably noticed that everytime you read about one of the campmates doing a trial, they smash it. Last night was no different as John, James and Rita set out on 'The Quest' for stars. It's one of the most physical bushtucker trial we've seen in years as the trio had to rock climb down the side of a cliff, crawl into caves, sail, dive and finally zip wire all in the hunt for stars.  The celebs (get ready) smashed it as they got 10 stars out of a possible 11.  

Nick, will you marry us? 

Nick Knowles is well and truly on his way to becoming not only our husband but also a national treasure. From giving his luxury item (a pillow) to Anne because she'd been having a tough time to putting Noel Edmonds back in his place, we've got major butterflies. Last night, he just confirmed further that he is an absolute gent. Only ten of the celebrities were allowed to go to the banquet won in the bushtucker trial meaning one celebrity had to stay at camp eating rice and beans. John Barrowman was adamant that it should be him because he's the reason they didn't get a full house but Nick disagreed. He insisted he'd stay behind because he's not been allowed to pull his weight with the camp chores. So while the rest of the celebrities feasted on roast chicken, beef, salads and jam roly-polys, Nick experimented with new ways to cook rice beans. OUR HEARTS.

And for today's reason why we love Harry Redknapp so much:

Harry finally got his hands on some jam roly-poly (that's a swiss roll to us Irish folk) and as a result of his delight, he gave a classic Christmas song a foodie makeover. 

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