I, Tonya hits cinemas this week and, while we’re dying to see Margot Robbie don Tonya Harding’s skating boots in what is one of the most bonkers real life tales ever, it’s reminded us of some other ice-based classics. Allow us to present: three of the best set-on-ice films. Or a few of our faves, anyway.


The Cutting Edge

An early ’90s gem that is often overlooked, it is basically The Taming of the Shrew on ice. Moira Kelly plays uptight ‘ice queen’ (hehe) Kate Moseley who find herself the unwilling skating partner of bad boy ice hockey wiseass Doug Dorsey (played by DB Sweeney). They hate each other, they fall on the ice – a lot – and have to find a way to get on with each other so they can compete at the 1992 Olympics. It wins no awards for best story, and there are some sketchy ’90s fashion moments, but it is a perfect watch on a Saturday afternoon. Trust us.

The Mighty Ducks|

We make no apologies for our love for Emilio Estevez. He’s mostly a director these days but our affection was earned early in his Brat Pack years (The Breakfast Club!, St Elmo’s Fire!) Earnest of heart and sticky-uppy of hair, The Mighty Ducks saw him bring out his narky side as crackshot attorney, Gordon Bombay. Gordon ends up coaching an, em, underachieving, kids’ ice hockey team as community service following a drink driving charge. Can the plucky underducks thaw Gordon’s cold heart and win the championships?  This is a dangerous one to watch while hungover – you’ll get very invested in the Ducks’ aim for glory. Quack!


Blades of Glory

Released in 2007, Blades of Glory tells the tale of ice skating rivals Chazz Michael Michaels (played by a hirsute Will Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder). The pair is thrown out of the sport in disgrace following an unfortunate incident on a medals’ podium. Since the scandal, they have had limited success in other jobs and, well, life. When Chazz discovers a loophole allowing them to compete in pair skating, the reluctant duo team up for a final shot at glory. Yes, it’s daft, ridiculous even, (it’s a Will Ferrell flick, c’mon) but is a sharp spoof of the genre.