Eh, what now?

Eh, what now?IMAGE: Sex and the City

It's such a common practice there are a thousand memes about it but the days of using someone else's log in on streaming sites may be coming to an end. Gulp. 

Look, it’s okay, we’ve all done stuff like it. Your friend or other half has a log in, they give you the deets and, boom, you’re Bird Boxing and True Crime-ing to your heart’s content. Or maybe it's your ex and using their log in without them knowing is like a low-key pay back. 

Did we mention it was a common practice? Last year a media agency in the US reported that 35 per cent of millennials share passwords for streaming services. For Generation Xers it's  more like 19 per cent and 13 percent of Baby Boomers do it too. Netflix and other streaming sites know what’s up though and it looks like they could be coming for that lost revenue. 

A tech firm called Synamedia has just launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) system thats designed to crack down on account sharing. It can make users upgrade to a premium service or could shut down accounts entirely.

 Which wouldn’t just mean an end to your Queer Eye marathons, it could also mean no more evil genius shenanigans like this either:

Netflix scuppered people using virtual private network (VPNs) to access the American version of the site from Europe so we reckon it's only a matter of time before they come looking for all users to pay. Those streaming days could be over (well, unless you set up your own account, obvs).

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