Irish Instagram Accounts To Follow When Your Feed Is Making You Feel Crap


When social media is less than stimulating, here's what to do.

Isn't Instagram great? It's hard to remember a time when we didn't have such a rolodex of information at our fingertips: awe-inspiring travel, mouth-watering foods, and lust-worthy fashion, all just waiting to be double tapped and screenshotted for future inspiration.

Yet, there inevitably comes a time when being bombarded with such extraordinary imagery 24/7 starts to make us feel less than satisfied with our own regular, ordinary lives. 

I know I'm not alone either. A recent chat with a close friend validated that suddenly a device we have come to rely on to broaden our knowledge of the world can make your perspective actually quite narrow based on who and what you are following. What was once inspirational, can quickly become defeating and depressing.

So, what do you do? You can delete the app, but you may just feel the itch a few hours later and reinstall. Ultimately, it's not that you have to go cold turkey and alienate yourself from social media altogether (although, that's cool too) instead, my friend and I set about transforming our feeds. Sort of an 'out with the glossy, in with the genuine' type mission. 

Gone are the disheartening images of restaurants we can't afford to eat at, places we may never make it to, clothes we'll never fit into, and people we will never look like. Those Australian bikini babes who pose on the beach for a living? No offense, Sheilas, but we had to take a break from you for the time being.

Here is what's lighting up my feed and making me smile these days. 

Laura Callaghan 

This London-based Irish illustrator has worked for everyone from Nike to NYLON Magazine. Her though-provoking images not only brighten up your feed, but pose poignant questions about issues affecting modern women today - be it diets, self-care expectations, finances, and sexual wellbeing.

Rebecca Flynn

Flynn, aka Flynnfluencer, is vocal about everything from gray hairs and miscarriages to feminist issues and the word reclaiming the 'fat' on her blog. Flynn previously ran Body Positive Ireland, and is an advocate for #SelfieEsteemSaturday - an empowering, uplifting hashtag we can certainly get on board with.

Mother of Pod

Co-hosts Sophie White and Jen O'Dwyer launched Ireland's first ever parenting podcast, but don't be put off. The duo are about as close to Gwyneth Paltrow levels of preaching Goopiness as they are to.. well, God. Their Instagram is also a riot. 

Colm Flynn 

Flynn, a freelance journalist working with outlets including RTE and BBC, travels the world and finds the most incredible people to interview. His updates are a lesson in humility, compassion, and comprehension.

Doireann Garrihy

Another journalist, albeit closer to home. Garrihy has found fame almost entirely via platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, thanks to her self-deprecating humour and joie de vivre. In fact, her infamous line "remember, no one gives a f*** about yih" is actually quite life-changing - a quintessentially Irish proverb for our social media obsessed age. 

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Richard Malone

Yes he is a womenswear designer, but Malone really does love women. The feminist fashion designer recently landed himself in hot water after he covered the window of Selfridges with pro-choice Repeal the Eighth messages during a pop-up. The rising London-based star is also committed to sustainability, without compromising his glamorous, feminine aesthetic. A glowing review of the Spring 2019 collection he showed last week can be read on Vogue here.

Dogs Trust Ireland

Heart strings, consider yourself pulled. Dogs Trust's Irish account uploads regular updates about rescued and adopted pooches - even just reading the adorable character descriptions of the various canines who have been placed in new homes makes us feel like the world is a better place.

Wild Atlantic Way 

Ireland - it really is a stunning aul one, isn't it? Perusing this account which showcases the rugged west coast in all its glory is a surefire way to remind us of the country's natural beauty.

Molly McKeever

McKeever is definitive proof that yoga can really transform your outlook on life, however the studio owner is also refreshingly honest about both her practice and struggles with things like guilt and anxiety. In her own words, "Let’s face it trying to share only perfection is boring."

Chupi Sweetman

Equal parts sparkles, petals, and pastel pinks, jewellery designer Sweetman's personal feed is a celebration of the simple things in life that all boost happiness.

Donal Skehan

Between the sunset hikes with his baby Noah and dog Max, and the delectable food shots, Skehan's feed radiates wholesome, delicious happiness.

Dublin Daily

The photographer behind this account captures moments of genuine, simple bliss and poignant human interaction - all against the backdrop of the nation's capital.

Kate Murphy

Murphy's exceptional photos wouldn't look out of place between the covers of National Geographic. With every upload, she includes a touching story about the image's subject or relevance - making her feed seem more like a captivating travel journal full of wisdoms of the world.

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