After 18 months of testing, Instagram introduces a different kind of friends list, one for those stories you'd only want your besties to see. 

Ever wanted to share an Insta story with your pals, but fancied saving your Mum/boss/ex from the potential ensuing embarrassment? Good news, the kind folk at the world's largest photo sharing platform heard you! 

Sharing those less-than-flattering selfies and less-than-sober escapades on your Instagram Stories with just a select few, rather than with everyone who follows you, just got a whole lot easier.

This week, the app will roll out a new feature dubbed "Close Friends," which allows you to share certain Stories with a curated list of friends, rather than your entire followers' list. 

In June last year, Instagram announced that it had started testing a feature it then called 'favorites,' which was an attempt to reinvent the friends' list and encourage people to share more by letting them post to a more limited group of their followers.

This more private way to share comes in response to the rise of Finstagrams, (i.e. secondary Insta-accounts followed only by a person’s closest friends and where #nofilter is the only rule) and is the company's way of seeking to give users more tools and a new suite of features. 

Here's how to use it

To add pals to your list, click the "Close Friends List" button in the menu on the right-hand side of your profile. Simply tap the green "Add" button to build your group. Your friends won't get notified when you add or remove them, and only you can see your list. 

Any photos or videos you try to add to your story can then be sent to your Close Friends by simply tapping on a new labeled button. Once posted, your close friends will see the private story as a green ring around your profile image at the top of their feed. Instagram will suggest friends to add to your close circle, but you can always search for people in your friends' list to include.

Unlike a Finstagram, people can’t request to join your circle of close friends. If they’re on your list, they’ll see the green rings when you post to your close friends; if they’re not, they won’t. 

Check out the quick video explainer if you're still unsure 

Share with Your Close Friends on Instagram Stories

Starting today, you can make a close friends list and share stories with just the people you've added. Learn more about this update here:

Posted by Instagram on Thursday, 29 November 2018

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