Good news for selfie queens and pro brunch-snappers alike, this week our favourite platform Instagram rolled out the ability to request verification badges to users worldwide.

Up until this point, the science that was behind getting awarded that elusive blue tick was a tightly kept secret. But now, there's a more official process in place for getting verified and having a legit 'gram profile. 

It'll be especially beneficial for those using the picture-sharing profile as a business.

So, how do you go about getting that blue tick badge, you ask? It's surprisingly simple actually....

1. Go to your profile

2. Navigate to settings

Click the three lines button in the top right corner, and clicking the Settings gear at the bottom of your screen.

3. Scroll down to the Request Verification option.

It's under the Account menu in Settings. Click!

Note: if this doesn't appear for you yet, be patient! Instagram is rolling it out worldwide, so it might take a bit for you to get the feature. You can also try updating your app.

4. Fill out the form and upload your ID 

Type in your username (what comes after your @ symbol), and your full name. Take a photo of your government-issued ID and upload it.

It must show your name and date of birth. Accepted documents include a driver's license, passport, or national identification card. If you're a business and don't have a government-issued ID, you can also use an "official business document," like a tax filing, recent utility bill, or article of incorporation.

6. Wait 

Wait for Instagram to review your request, and look for a notification in your notifications tab.

Unfortunately, just requesting the verification is no guarantee that Instagram will grant it to you. The blue badge is reserved for celebrities, public figures, global brands, or entities representing the brand. Instagram says that it will "review verification requests to confirm the authenticity, uniqueness, completeness and notability of each account." And it emphasised that it will focus on accounts that reach a large number of Instagram users — that is, accounts with a lot of followers. 

So, who's applying? 

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