Our day is ruined, tbh.

Our day is ruined, tbh. Getty Images

Dear Instagram: if it's not broken, don't fix it. 

It's no secret that we spend pretty much all of our time on Instagram. Between endlessly scrolling through our feed to gawking at stories, it's kinda our favourite place to be. Sorry, not sorry.

We're not proud of it but we're sort of like social media stalkers...but not in a creepy Joe from You kind of way. You know how it goes, you see your ex has a story up with his new girlfriend so you take a sneaky screenshot because you just have to show your group chat. 

Well, those days are long gone because as of right now, Instagram will now notify you if someone has taken a screenshot of your story. We're not joking.

There was always the chance on Snapchat that whenever you sent a particularly ugly selfie to your BFF, that she would screenshot it and post it on your birthday but that was just harmless fun...so what's the big deal, right? When you post to your Instagram story, it's live for the whole world to see so you're obviously only going to post your best life meaning if someone screenshots it, they're either bitching about you or admiring you. Que the paranoia. 

Sure, it's great if you value your privacy but what about us that enjoy a creep every now and then? 

According to The Tab, not only will Instagram rat you out for taking a screenshot, but they will also notify you when someone screenshots a DM. Oh! and the app will also tell users when messages have been delivered or seen and when photos have been opened. Terrific. 

Honestly, what are we supposed to do now? Draw a picture of their story then send it in the post? Use another phone to take a picture of the story on our actual phone and fax it to a friend? Not cool Instagram, not cool. 

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