Irish top model Kate Valk.

Irish top model Kate Valk.Instagram / kate_valk

Kate Valk, Ireland’s answer to Kate Upton, is as humble as they come. And here's why she's going to become your next girl crush 

Valk (20) shares not only a name with the American swimsuit model but the same kind of approachable, the girl next door-meets-bombshell aesthetic that has led her to international success.

Kate Valk was one of the first models on the books of NotAnotherAgency, which represented a collective of faces that were the antithesis to many of Ireland’s more commercial, household names.

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Born in Estonia, Valk moved to Ireland when she was 10-years-old, and broke into the industry as a teenager by working with clothing brand Charlotte’s Love and lending her talents to popular vintage shop, Nine Crows Street. Which by the by is also how Vogue Paris star Oisin Murphy also got started. If you missed out on him you're missing out on a real treat. Just FYI! 

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Fast forward a few short years, and you may have seen the flawless Valk popping up on major fashion sites like ASOS, following in the footsteps of other blonde Irish megababe, Joanna Cooper

Here, she reveals how she went from a relatively unknown face to signing with prestigious model management agencies in the UK and Australia.

“One of the agents from NotAnotherAgency picked a few girls that they thought had potential overseas and we flew to London to meet with a couple of agencies. Premier signed me that day….it was so surreal! I then moved to the UK shortly after to work there,” Valk explained to U Magazine.

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None other than e-commerce giant ASOS was the first to stand up and take notice of the 5’7” green-eyed blonde. 

"I did my first day at ASOS during my first week of living in London. It was crazy, I didn’t think I would get work so quick,” she admitted.

“They seemed to like me, so I got booked again after that and I have been working with them all summer. They are such a great company to work for,” she said.

While Valk’s glossy social media feed looks like she is the living the picture perfect life we all dream about, she does admit that it can be isolating being away from family, friends, and her boyfriend while spending a lot of time modeling abroad.

“It’s always hard being away from them,” she said. “Thank God for FaceTime!”

However, traveling the world and working with amazing brands like Kivari the Label, Dripping Gold, and NAKD Fashion does have its fair share of perks. 

“I think it’s cool making lots of new friends from all over the world,” she agreed. “I’ve made some good friends from New Zealand and Australia, and I would have never met these girls if it wasn’t for modeling. Also doing what you love is always great, there is always going to be good and bad days but I am so grateful to be able to work at what I genuinely enjoy doing.”

"I think even just getting to come to Australia is amazing. I’d never been, so it’s great to be able to travel so far away and see a beautiful place like this and also work at the same time," she said.

With a high-flying career and a dedicated following on her social media account where she shares a glimpse into her personal style and travels, Valk had some refreshingly honest tips for those looking to break into the industry.

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“Obviously be healthy; take good care of yourself and eat right,” she instructed first and foremost. “A positive mindset and gratitude will keep you grounded.”

“If it doesn’t work out straight away, don’t give up. There are lots of agencies and it all depends on what they’re looking for at that particular time. You have to learn to embrace rejection, and be yourself but also be professional,” she added. “Lastly it’s not all easy and as glamorous as it looks, so prepare yourself for a rocky road!”

“For me and I guess for everyone it takes time and practice for sure,” she noted. “If you’re not confident, study some poses because as they say, ‘practice makes perfect’”.

However, Valk wanted to assure readers that confidence will come with time, and before you know it, posing for the camera will come naturally. 

We'll take her word for it, but in fairness - our selfies probably won't take us all the way from the ASOS studio to Oz.

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