could it be love?

could it be love?

Everything you need to know about dating your friend.

Catching feelings for your best friend can be a super troublesome time. Do you only fancy them because you're lonely? How will it affect your friendship? Does he feel the same way? It's confusing AF. 

It's only natural for that line between friendship and romance to get a little blurry at times. You spend a lot of time together, you care about each other, you talk all the time...sounds like having a boyfriend, right? Dating your friend can be a really good thing, you've already a strong foundation to build on. Sure, there's that risk that it might ruin your friendship forever but if it can work for Monica and can work for you too. 

But before you go rushing off to confess your love for your BFF, here's everything you need to know about dating your friend. 

It's Going To Be Awkard At The Start

We mean everything. That first date, that first kiss, that first time you have sex...they will all be super awkward and that's okay. As long as you can get over that initial weirdness that is kissing your best friend, you guys will be fine. However, if you're more comfortable casually hanging out than you are on a might be a good idea to keep that boy in the friend zone. 

Be Real With Yourself

Not to sound harsh...but, is the only reason you want to date him because you're feeling desperate or lonely? Look, we're not judging, we've been there - many times. You've swiped right for the millionth time and you still can't find anyone that interests you and then you look to your friend. He's nice, he's cute and you know you can trust him but you and I both know that's not enough to make a relationship work. 

Friends That Are Boys Are Totally Different To Boyfriends

Just because you work really well as friends, doesn't necessarily mean you'll work really well as a couple. Sure, you've got the same interests and he helped you through that really tough time but is that enough? Romantic chemistry is not the same as platonic chemistry. Once you figure that out, you then have to question the quality of your friendship. Is he someone that's just gas on nights out or is he your ride-or-die BFF? What he's like as a friend will speak a lot to what he's like as a boyfriend but if you managed to stand a friendship this long...the odds are in your favour. 

Don't Involve Your Other Friends

Chances are, you and your potential bae have mutual friends and while you'd normally run to your friends for advice whenever there's a new romantic spark in your might want to reconsider. Instead of rushing to someone who is also his BFF, try going to someone who isn't a shared friend. A mutual friend mightn't be too cool with the thoughts of her mates dating and there's a risk they'd sabotage your potential relationship. That, or the next time you are all out together, she'll get drunk and blurt out that you two should just kiss already. AWKWARD.

It Can Be Complicated

So while it's cool and all that you now get to regularly have sex with your pal, it's not a friends with benefits situation. You're entering into a committed relationship and we rely on your romantic partners far more than we do just regular friends. There are things he doesn't know about you that you'll have to open up about, you have to deal with being jealous when he hangs out with other friends that are girls (cos hey, look at how you two ended up together) and how to act when you're out with mutual friends. Long gone are the days of just grabbing a few pints with him and a few others...but these new days are so much better. 

It's All Or Nothing

When you enter into a relationship with a friend, you've both got to be all in. It's natural to waver when you both value your friendship so much and are scared to mess it up but you can't let that wavering become a consistent worry. You're taking a risk on your friendship on dating but some risks are worth jumping for and how will you ever know if you don't try? Trust your gut that this will all work out for the better and stop letting that voice in your head get to you. 

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