Image originally found on JD Sports\' website.

Image originally found on JD Sports' website.

The retailer has since removed the images from their website. 

Earlier in the week fury broke out on Twitter after Father-of-two, Simon Kemp took to the social media platform when he noticed something a little strange with the JD Sports website. Kemp went to the retailer's website to purchase a Scottish football jersey for him and his daughter when he noticed one major difference in how each shirt is presented. 

The model wearing the women's shirt was photographed posing in a provocative manner while wearing ripped jeans, whereas the model wearing the men's jersey is posing as an athlete. 

Following his frustration, Kemp went one step further and complained to the retailer directly. 

JD Sports has since apologised for the way the women's version of the Scottish home jersey was portrayed on their website and the image has now been removed at the request of the Scottish Football Association (SFA).

Speaking on behalf of the SFA, a spokesperson said:

"We apologise for any offence that this image caused. As soon as this was brought to our attention we contacted JD Sports to request its removal, which JD Sports immediately acted upon. At the Scottish FA, we are absolutely committed to further strengthening equality and diversity in Scottish football and promoting the girls' and women's game across the nation."

Following the official statement from the SFA, JD Sports also apologised for the images and explained the reasoning behind their choice:

"We occasionally test alternative product styles online to appeal to the full range of customers who visit our site, from those interested in high fashion and athleisure to sportspeople and football fans looking for kits and training equipment. Following comments from one customer and discussions with the Scottish FA, this image has been removed. The product is now only displayed on our sales channels in the traditional style, and our photography guidelines have been reviewed to ensure this doesn't happen again."

"We remain committed to promoting and supporting the Scotland Women's teams in the build-up to the FIFA Women's World Cup this summer, and apologise for any upset this has caused."

JD Sports has since replaced the 'sexist' images with model shots that match the rest of the sportswear adverts. 

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