We\'ll take twenty.

We'll take twenty.Topshop

(faux) Gucci belts at the ready...

It only took them a little over 4 years but Topshop has finally given Joni jeans the well-needed makeover they deserve. Yes, denim lovers, your dreams have come true because Joni jeans now come with belt loops. 

If you're failing to understand why this is a big deal then we're going to guess that your jeans are either hand me downs from your mam (no judgement if they are, vintage mom jeans are a lewk and we're more jealous if you do) or you're boujee and don't shop the high street. 

But as we are neither of those, we have been wearing Joni jeans since they first came on the Topshop scene. We, at one stage or another, have owned a pair in every colour imaginable. Why? Because they are the MVPs of the jean world. They're high waisted, have a super skinny leg that is tight enough to give you that sprayed-on feel without cutting off your blood circulation and they are made from stretch denim making them the comfiest skinny jeans on the market. 

Authentic Joni Jean, €50, Topshop

As dreamy as they are they do have one major problem: no belt loops. While we were able to deal with the issue back in 2015, it's become increasingly difficult to bare thanks to belts becoming fashion staples all over again. 

Well, Topshop has finally decided to put us all out of our misery as they took to their Instagram to reveal that they are now launching a joni jean with belt loops. 

The jeans are currently only available in black denim but rumours have it that Topshop will be launching the jean in a mid blue wash at the beginning of April. 

Black Belt Loop Joni Jeans, €50, Topshop

The updated Joni jeans are priced at €50 and if you want our advice? You better shop quickly because we've already ordered multiple pairs and we reckon others have done the same. Hurry, before they all sell-out.

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