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Spot the differenceKim Kardashian On Instagram

Keeping Up With The Klones 

As time goes by and as more lip fillers are availed of, spotting the difference between each of the Kardashian sisters is next to impossible. We mean, Kylie Jenner is slowly but surely morphing into Kim Kardashian. Kendall Jenner got a fringe and all we could see was Kris and now Kim has hired a whole bunch of look-a-likes for her latest photoshoot. 

Kim Kardashian and Carolina Lemke have teamed up to release a range of eyewear. The news was announced via Kim's Instagram (duh) and the campaign is, well, it's just a lot. 

Kim hired not one, not two but effectively an entire army of models that look a whole lot like her to model alongside her for the collaboration with Carolina Lemke. The models, including Kim, were all styled exactly the same in a pair of 30 denier tights, black pants, a black bra, silky straight hair and of course: the sunglasses. 

At first glance, you'd swear this was just the magic photoshop but once you get your Instagram investigation cap'll soon discover the models are in fact Kim's very own doppelgängers. 

Okay, on further inspection, maybe doppelgänger is too strong of a word to describe the models but hey, look what a wig and matching bra can do, eh?

As to what Kim Kardashian's collaboration with Carolina Lemke actually is...all we know now is that it involves "cutting edge eyewear" and that it will launch on March 19. 

But the one question we need to be answered right away is: 'Kim, where was our call?'

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