this isn\'t it.

this isn't it. @kyliejenner

We were not ready. 

Ever wonder what it would be like if a robot painted your face based on all the makeup trends on Instagram? Yeah, us neither but thankfully that's why we have the Kardashians. 

Kylie Jenner appears on the front cover of Dazed Beauty. Her makeup was done by a computer which gained its artificial intelligence by looking through 17,000 of the most popular hair and beauty images on social media.  Yes, this is real.

Using AI technology, a program called Beauty_GAN digitally applied hair and makeup to photographs taken of Kylie by photographer, Daniel Sannwald. According to Dazed Beauty, the software is the first of its kind as it trains itself based on social media. 

"Beauty_GAN is the first algorithm of its kind, trained to create its own beauty imagery based on what it sees on Instagram."

Now when you see the images, you may be a little disappointed because it looks like that future where robots do everything for us is another while away. 

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Issue Zero @dazedbeauty

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Issue Zero @dazedbeauty

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However, the article accompanying the shoot explains how Beauty_GAN works...including why the images of Kylie aren't exactly #instagoals. 

"It doesn't look perfect because it's an experiment. But in the future, it is the artistic mistakes that we will remember." 

As for why the reality star was chosen to be the face of this issue, well that's because she's Kylie Jenner.

"Who else could do it? You need someone like Kylie, who stands for contemporary beauty photography. It’s a collaboration: what the machine does to her is paint her face in the way it thinks it should be in a beauty selfie."

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Kylie 2.0 by Daniel Sannwald. The photographer teams up with AI program Beauty_GAN to recreate Kylie as you’ve never seen her before in our final cover drop from Issue Zero of Dazed Beauty.  . Beauty_GAN is the first algorithm of its kind. After analysing over 17,000 beauty-related posts on Instagram, the program trained itself to create original beauty imagery without the help of a human.烙⚡️ . Read the story on now. . Credits: @kyliejenner Photography @danielsannwald Beauty_GAN code @selamxstudio Retouch @Studio_Private Make-up @maryphillips Hair @cesar4styles Stylist @ritazed Creative Direction @isamayaffrench Editorial Direction @bunnykinney Art Direction @ben_ditto

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The reason behind the shoot and issue zero is to shock readers. 

"To put it in a really easy metaphor, Beauty_GAN is like a mirror of popular culture, but the reflection staring back at you might not be what you expected. We teach a machine to see us and what it shows us back is not always what we see ourselves."

While the technology may not be totally here yet, we are here for the idea of having a robot do our makeup. Anything for a few extra minutes in bed, eh?

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