she\'s cooking up something, alright...

she's cooking up something, alright...Lady Gaga On Instagram

And no, the baby isn't Bradley's...

Rumours have been circulating over the past couple of days that Lady Gaga is pregnant ever since the tabloid magazine, Star made the claim on their front cover. 

Apparently, the reason why people believe Gaga is pregnant is all down to the fact she hasn't been seen drinking alcohol during awards season or during her Las Vegas residency. A stretch, we know. But if that's not ludicrous enough for you, the tabloid also claimed that the father is either her ex-fiancé Christan Carino or Bradley Cooper and not even Gaga knows which one will be her baby daddy.

Sigh, this narrative again...really?

But being the queen, or should we say Lady, that Gaga is - she took to Twitter to address those rumours and well, they're actually true:

Lady Gaga is pregnant...with a new album.

The singer turned actress confirmed those rumours in the best way by tweeting: "Rumours I'm pregnant? Yeah, I'm pregnant with #LG6."

Confused as to what #LG6 even is? Us too. But after referring to a few Lady Gaga fan pages, the hashtag is so obviously confirming Lady Gaga's 6th album. Shutting down pregnancy rumours whilst subtly announcing a new album? Genius. 

And it's not just us that thinks so, Gaga's little monsters are currently losing their minds over the announcement.

Gaga's shut down is so iconic, they've put it on a t-shirt.

Ngl, we're excited. 

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