We love to see Irish musicians killing it, so we're all about LAOISE right now. And this is why.

Our go-to playlist for a night out or walking to work or just anything really is always ‘The Best Of The 80’s’. There’s nothing like a good cheesy pop song to get you in the mood and while we’re seeing and loving the return of the eighties in the fashion world, we think it’s about time music followed in the steps of fashion.

Luckily, we’ve LAOISE. A 21-Year-Old Galway native who best describes herself as an electropop artist whose music is heavily influenced by that golden era. We met up with LAOISE just after she released her new single, Again, to chat about fashion, feminism and falling in love with the 80’s.

On her new single

was really struggling to write back in like January, February. There was a lot of stuff going on around me with women’s rights being debated on every corner especially ‘cause it was the time coming up to the vote for repeal. I also just turned 21 and I didn’t really know how to put into words how it felt to be a woman or how to take ownership of myself and figure out what I deserve. So in March, I just sat down at the piano for the craic and it just came out in twenty minutes. I guess, it can be taken whatever way you want but it’s more so saying ‘I’m not gonna let you walk all over me anymore ‘cos I’m worth more than that.’

On her upcoming EP 

I’ve spent the whole summer just writing and messing with different songs and it’s really taken a pop turn. A lot of the stuff is a lot more upbeat and more straight to the point. In the past, I was worried about speaking up on certain things and especially because of my age I’m afraid people won’t take me seriously, but now I’m at the stage where I kind of just don’t care anymore and I’m just gonna speak my mind.

On how she got into music

My mam and dad still remind me of being one year old and I’d bang my dodie off the cot and sing a long, I’m sure I was just screaming but they say it was singing so I guess you can say I always loved music.

On who she's loving right now

Oh, there are so many great artists on the Irish scene right now, so many women too which is really cool to see like we’ve had Sinead O’Connor and Enya and Dolores O’Riordan but that was a really long time ago so it’s so nice to see to see women taking over. Marie Kelly is killing it right now, all her songs make me cry because they’re just so good, Aine Cahill, Wyvern Lingo are also really talented. I’m excited for everyone to see what talent Ireland has.

On her influences 

Trad has completely influenced me in writing, I played the fiddle growing up and my parents would take me to play in sessions all the time. I also loved pop music when I was growing up and music I’d hear from my dad. He introduced me to Fleetwood Mac and I didn’t realise how cool they were till I got older ‘cos I always just thought of them as one dad’s bands and even David Bowie for just not being afraid at all. The eighties for sure are my biggest influence.

On the 80s

The eighties always make you feel good, it’s really making a comeback in both the music and fashion world. It’s so funny ‘cos we reference things back like ‘Oh this shirt is super eighties’ like what are we going to do in 30 years from now ‘cos 2018 is super 80’s & 90’s right now. Even all the Netflix rom coms right now are really like ones from the 80’s too and I’m just like gimmee.

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On her style

Stranger Things is where I get my fashion inspo, like the whole TV show. You have Eleven in her pretty dress but then you’ve got the guys in their jumpers and cool hats and I’d wear both. I also think when it comes to fashion, wear clothes that make you happy.

On her desert island disc

It’s a tie between Jive Talking by The BeeGees and Material Girl by Madonna. They both just make so happy.

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On where's cool in Dublin

Oh wow, there are so many great places. I love arcade games, I still have my GameBoy from years ago with Space Invaders and I’m always playing that or even like old school arcade games like a dance mat. I love going to Token, it’s my favourite place to be.

On stage fright 

still get nervous before I perform but once I get up there, it’s just all worth it. I’d say the best way to get over stage fright is just going out somewhere and performing on your own like I know that sounds scarier but just going to an open mic night by

yourself and getting up and performing actually works because there’s nobody there that knows you so you’re not worrying about what anyone is going to think because you don’t know anyone there and you just see them all as one block.

LAOISE’s new single, Again is  out now and if you’re anything like us and in serious need of a good eighties boogie, she’s also hitting the road in November and December on her own headline tour.

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