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You glue you, girl.

Thanks to our years spent watching RuPaul's Drag Race, we're pretty familiar with the idea of using a glue stick to conceal your brows but the notion of using lash glue as eyebrow gel? Yeah, this is news. 

Now don't get us wrong, we're pretty damn brave when it comes to trying out beauty hacks but this idea of putting glue in our eyebrows? We're not so keen. We've used hairspray as setting spray, we put fluffy socks in our tanning mitt, we even used a lighter to melt an eyeliner so we could master a smokey eye. but there's just something about putting glue into your brow that just doesn't sit well. 

Courtney Act using a glue stick

Courtney Act using a glue stick

But this is a beauty hack that is raved about on the internet. It first came to our attention when Sir John (aka Beyoncé's makeup artist) revealed that he uses craft glue as eyebrow gel when in a hotter climate. Why? Well "it doesn't clog your pores and washes off easily". 

And while we've been hesitant to try the trend ever since, Catriona Gray is here to make us think again. The current Miss Universe recently paired up with Vogue to show us all exactly what it takes to achieve Miss Universe glamour. Everything about the tutorial was normal: she applies her foundation starting from her nose out, she conceals, she contours, she effortlessly blends eyeshadow but then came the brows (a ritual we take very seriously) and we were shook. Catriona whips out a tube of Duo lash glue which she uses a brow gel. 

Yes, you're reading that correctly: the current Miss Universe puts eyelash glue in. her. eyebrows. Now before you get all judgy (like we did), Catriona points out her long eyebrow hairs and explains that long, wiry brow hairs tend to be blown out of place - no matter how much brow product you use. The use of adhesive is starting to make sense now, huh?

To be like Miss Universe, the technique is simple. Simply fill in your eyebrows to your desired shape using a brow pencil or shadow (just don't use a brow gel because that defeats the purpose). Then pour a pea-sized amount of lash glue onto the back of your hand, dip a spoolie into the glue and brush your brows, shaping the hairs as you normally would. But as Catriona notes, you have got to work fast so know exactly how you want your brows to look before brushing.

Hey if it's good enough for Miss Universe and Beyoncé, it's good enough for us...

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