Ever fancied yourself a career in fashion? If the idea of working in fashion has popped into your head, but you don’t know where to start – the OPSH girls have the solution.

The formidable McGinn sisters (the brains behind our fave shopping site OPSH.com) are launching a brand new course for people exactly like you. “So you want to work in fashion?” is a half day workshop that will give you the fundamentals in pursuing a career in fashion. It’s a once off on Saturday 27th August, so don’t hang around.

So what’s involved? They aim to demystify the the fashion industry through a series of fun, interactive and highly engaging workshops. And having collectively worked their way through every aspect of the industry, it’s fair to say they know their stuff. So is it for you? Well…

Are you?

  • ●  Interested in working in the fashion industry?
  • ●  Interested in starting your own business?
  • ●  Interested in writing for a fashion magazine?
  • ●  Interested in a career in PR?
  • ●  Interested in a career in styling?
  • ●  Looking to tighten up your communication skills ­written and oral?
  • ●  Interested in finding out exactly how the fashion industry works here in Ireland ­ and just how to break

    into it?

Well then yes it is! And what will you get from it?…

  1. A unique insight into the reality of working across different facets of the fashion industry
  2. Practical tips on good courses and colleges in Irl and UK
  3. Cheat­sheets on:
    • ●  Building a blog/ portfolio
    • ●  How to pitch for internships/ jobs/ articles
    • ●  How to dress for an interview in fashion
    • ●  How to write a blog post/ article/ press release
  4. An opportunity to publish a style editorial on Opsh.com and to execute a live social media campaign ­ of which assest will be shared for portfolio inclusion

If this sounds like your kinda thing, grab your ticket here but get in quick, we hear it’s filling up crazy quick!