Do you want the best blow dry of your life?

Do you want the best blow dry of your life?

It’s often said than a poor workman blames his tools, but that excuse just won’t stand any longer….Not with the amazing Ibiza Hair brushes now available on Irish shores.

Made from the finest materials - a secret blend of natural boar and heat-resistant carbon fibre bristles, the eco-friendly range of brushes make it so much easier to achieve shiny, super-luxe, salon-worthy hair at home.



With the Ibiza Hair Brushes, there is no unnecessary pulling or snagging on the hair – which is ultimately what causes breakages – just a controlled ‘grab-and-slip’ quality that allows for the best DIY blow dry of your life.

And if the iconic brush range are good enough for Kim K and Jennifer Anniston aka. ‘The Hair’ to have in their beauty arsenal, we reckon we shout stock up too!

The Ibiza brush Ibiza Brushes are available to purchase on  and