We knew it couldn't last, harmony that is! But Rosie and Adam's blow last night in the Love Island villa has left us wanting more. And with the realisation that Adam is a dick. 

When we left the villa last night Ellie and Zara were on garden dates with their three picks. There was a spark between Wes and Ellie but now it’s time for Dr Alex to dazzle. He's ready to bring out the big guns so tells her she’s not super smart. Smooooth. 

Zara is having Adam for desert who’s telling her he isn’t fussed about what anyone thinks. No shit Sherlock, we’ve been watching for the past 11 days. We know you're all about yourself. DICK.

Why does this not surprise us? 😅 #LoveIsland

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Speaking of not giving a shite, Rosie is hyperventilating on the sofa. She thought they were going somewhere, she took the next step with him two nights ago. Soz babes, a little Tommy Tank does not a boyfriend make. Be cool though, okay? 

Alex and Ellie shared a little kiss and we're delighted! Not as much as the boys though who are cheering like loons during Alex's blow by blow account of THREE seconds of his life. We're still more concerned about his lack of SPF. 


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Adam and Rosie end up over by the sun loungers, the very same ones poor Kendall sat on as Adam was scoring Rosie behind her. The vicious circle continues and by vicious, we mean Adam being a dickhead. He's picking holes in Rosie’s behaviour without taking any responsibility for the fact that he's just dumped her - we've never seen anyone be ghosted in person. And it's way harsh. 

With all the Islanders flocking around Rosie, Ellie nearly missed Laura and Wes having a heart to heart. Or was it a scrap? Dress it up however you want but it was a disaster. I’m not sure what exactly the craic was because they were kinda on the asme page. Until Laura thought Wes put Ellie’s feelings before hers. Christ alive love, wind your neck in! 

It's manic, it’s like debs night.

Zara, who’s just arrived, is obvs blaming Rosie for driving Adam away because you know, he's delicious. But Zara, newsflash, a leopard doesn’t change his spots and Adam’s a dick. 

Rosie’s sleeping outside and alone so massive props to Georgia for going outside and keeping her girl company. Girlpower is big in the villa and we love it. 

In better news, Dr Alex has gone full throttle on the cringe and made breakfast for Ellie. It’s sweet and all, but it’s giving me anxiety. Especially cos she's still kinda sorta making eyes at Wes and poor Alex is so smitten.

It’s unfortunate Rosie worn camouflage the previous night, because tonight it’s all out war. It’s just so public, the heartbreaks. Rosie and Adam are breaking up at the breakfast bar. Rosie is falling apart in full view and not a bit of remorse out of him. This is all playing out in full view of the islanders watching from the fire pit. Ruthless. But we will give her 10/10 for her nod, last comment and red lip. 

THAT was amazing. Well played, Rosie. 👏 #LoveIsland

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Let the games continue...

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