Love Island's Eyal Singing All About That Bass Is EVERYTHING



It's Love Island Update time... we're hooked, you're hooked, Suzanne Kane is hooked. And now that we've found a video of Eyal singling All About That Bass we're dying...

Right so we think Eyal is a sleeveen, that's nothing new. And his sleeveen rating has gone sky high now that we've seen this video. 


Give. It. Up

Anyway, back to the show...

Straight in no kissing and we're back with re coupling. I don’t know about you but I’m up the walls about it all. Where's the drama? I'd like a spicy meat ball thrown in there, just to spice it up. 

So my favourites, the Triple D and Jack the Knasher coupled up, obvs. Laura and Wes remained solid as a rock. Well they did just celebrate their one week anniversary. Le Sigh.

So Hayley it's over to you. While she’s chatting for ages about who she’s chosen, we're still wondering about Niall. However, Georgia went with Josh and then it’s Megan’s turn.

Come one Megan. Don’t be a dick...


FFS Megan.

Megan’s coupled up with Eyal! 😮 #LoveIsland

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Dr Alex gets a life line from Samira. Which leaves Adam, so Rosie was stuck. And so off to the fire pit he slithers, trying to worm his way back into her good books. What is it about Adam and that fire pit, it's like he only has game when he's there? Although he's a long way to go with Rosie...

SAVAGE! Want some ice for that burn, Adam? #LoveIsland

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Meanwhile up on the roof balcony, Eyal and Megan are happy to be coupled up. The kissing though, it’s just a bit, well vom.

Megan, Samira and Laura are having a late night pow wow but props to Laura, she’s calling it like it is. Adam is a slug. 

Lights out!

It’s a new dawn it’s a new day and Laura is a legend. 

She absolutely handed Adam a new one. He thought she went in on him, I believe the general population would call telling the truth. Yes, Laura. Kween. 

Hit 👏 the 👏 nail 👏 on 👏 the 👏 head 👏 #LoveIsland

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She continued her goodwill with giving Dr Alex a trim and a pep talk. He’s not the most confident chap is he? You would hope if he was dishing out medical news he’d be a bit more assertive. But we love Laura for being decent. 

YES to Jack giving Alex the confidence boost he needs! #LoveIsland

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The gang had a ‘Meals on Wheels’, which was basically a bit of a Club 18 - 30 version of a bush tucker trail. Laura and Wes won the challenge so headed off into the sunset on a date. 

What it with being their one week anniversary they kept it light and breezy, they decided to move in together and talked about starting a family. 


Adam and Charlie have decided to kick off operation Dr Do more. 

Paging Dr Alex... don’t take any advice from these to idiots, you paddle your own canoe. 

While the boys are star gazing and sniffing, Dr Alex swooped in and asked Megan for a chat. You could see the spark. Come on Dr Alex. Oh I’m giddy. 

Wait, hold the phone. Eyal thinks that he and Megan are progressing nicely and so does Dr Alex. I see trouble ahead and by ahead, I mean in the promo for the next episode. 

I’m #TeamAlex, just saying. 

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