Well Idris and Kaz are two snakes. And that's really all we can focus on RN.

Kieran, Georgia, Laura and Idris are back. Jack and Sam are a bit nervous. Laura and Jack hit up the swings where Laura tells Jack that Idris is stirring up the pot. Jack has done well here, we’d be gone screaming across the garden. 

As the lads chat by the fire pit, Idris drops into conversation about that kiss. Kieran tells the truth as pants on fire Idris sits there chatting shit. 

Georgia is catching up with Sam and decides it’s funny to tell Sam she kissed Kieran. Jokes! She then tells Sam she thinks what they have is special. She’s says a lot of shit though, so ya know?!?

Jack takes Idris aside and very calmly address the situation. Idris says it was his opinion that Jack kissed Georgia. Which is fine because in our opinion, you’re a dick. 

The Islanders are waking up and tired, it’s been a dramatic few days. Just when you think it’s going to be a quiet day ...

Got a text! 

Alex gets a text from new girl Alexanda. Why are people still trying to date Alex? We’re a bit bored of him, he’s a nice guy and can save lives but yawn. Luckily Original Jack still loves him...

Jack's motivational speeches are a thing of beauty 😍 #LoveIsland

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Anyway, enter Alexandra. She’s asked for a date with Alex in the hideaway. He’s working on his smoulder and we’re thinking he should spend less on the smoulder and more on his conversation. 

Alex and Alexanda settle into their crazy awkward brunch date. Everyone in the villa is rooting for Alex.

We like new girl Alexandra. She's so elegant and is totally nervous but very chilled. They look very cute together. 

Alex returns to the villa, full of excitement about his date, how her mum said to pick him and their second date.

Got a text

Oh dear Alex, Alexandra is having a second date today except it’s with Jack. If you listen close enough you can hear Laura and Alex’s stomachs dropping. Can someone give Laura a day off?

Jack heads off on his date and remember what we were saying three paragraphs up about liking Alexandra, she’s straight in seeing if she can jump on the Jack train. She can toot toot off. 

Meanwhile, Laura is like a toddler sulking around the villa. The girls are trying to rally her around, she’s gone full sulk. 

Jack bring Alexandra back to the villa. The girls all rally around new girl to quiz her, as Jack fills the boys in. 

As Alexandra settles in, Alex brings his grafting game, he’s ready to woo her. So he tells her all about how into cars he is. Way to knock her socks off. 

Poor Samira isn’t coping, she really misses Frankie. Credit where it’s due, Megan is a good shoulder to cry on for the girls, well the ones she’s not trying to steal their boys off. She does say the right things. We hope Samira doesn’t leave.

Wes and Megan are so there, they both want to pop the question. Asking someone to be your girlfriend is like a marriage proposal in there. 

Alex is smitten with new girl Alexandra, Kaz has noticed the whole villa are rooting for Alex, so goes and tells Icky Idris to crack on with her. So that’s exactly what he does. Idris and Alexandra are chatting on the day beds. Poor Alex is watching on, taking his own pulse. 

Over by the fire pits Megan wants to ask Wes to be her boyfriend. Ironically Laura - who was with Wes - is helping her plan it. 

Megan goes over and asks Wes to chat. Then she pops the question. So it’s official, Wegan are a couple. We actually kind of like them. We’re all on a rollercoaster here. Anyway, the love is in the air in the villa, well for now anyway. 

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