We\'re on the fence about this one...

We're on the fence about this one...

It's Love Island Update time... we're hooked, you're hooked, Suzanne Kane is hooked. And here's what happened last night.

Wes and Laura woke up in the Hideaway. Adam is still trying to get his hide away but more about that later...

Niall has left the house for personal reasons, I understand that they said “personal reasons” but WTF? I’m ridiculous nosey so I’d like to know what they are. Why did he leave? I mean obvs we hope he's ok and all but WHERE IS HE?

Least we know it's not just us!

So back to the villa...

Rosie's chatting about how she’s into Adam (SNAKE) and how she trusts him (DON’T) and as she’s chatting about her feelings, Adam's working out with the lads and talking about his too, except he's hoping to get a feel of Megan. DIRT! 

There he goes again, sticking on the brakes and giving it the usual “she’s more into me, than I’m into her” shite and in the blink of an eye there he is moving in on Megan.  He’s that really sound guy, you know the one who makes the girl out to be a fruit loop, not actually addressing that he’s a snnnnnnnaaaake. We've all had one of those though. 

Side note, it’s lashing rain and they’re all still rocking around in there bikinis. I’d say they would love a hoodie and pair of track bottoms.

Elsewhere, the girls are huddled together having a bathroom chat and Megan is letting Rosie know that Adam has left his sluggy trail over by the fire pit. It’s fair to say all isn’t Rosie, literally! 

Cos after all hell hath no fury like six chicas getting ready together. 

Everyone is all dollied up and ready for drinks, dancing and a large dose of drama. The lads are having a great time and Adam is loving life, but watch out Adam, Rosie about to have a roll of the dice. 

Rosie doing it for all the girls who’ve ever been played. 💪 #LoveIsland

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Rosie is going big! Everyone is gathered in the garden when she calls Adam out. No this is not a task, it’s just a spectator sport to rip Adam a new one. Off struts Rosie with all the gals supporting her, go Rosie! 

After the drama of the night before, a good sleep and being slagged off to everyone, Rosie has had a long hard think about it and has been sucked back in with Adam’s, well shite talk. 

FFS Rosie.

Recoupling is on the cards and it’s ladies night. The boys are rattled, they should be because it’s all to play for here. Cue all the inslanders huddled in corners with the lads saying anything to keep them in the game. Eyal is at peak grovel, over beside Megan canvassing like a politician, a topless politician. Speaking of professional, Dr Alex didn’t appreciate the smooching beside him and honestly, neither did we.

GAAAAAAH! Alex’s face in the background. 😩 #LoveIsland

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Come on Dr Alex, he’s hoping for the nod from Megan, we’re hoping he gets the nod from Megan but she’s letting Eyal lob the gob, again. 

And at this point we have two questions, why are the boys wearing bandanas? And why is Georgia dressed like a blackbird?

Anyway, we’ll be back to the fire pit tonight. Is Rosie going to continue her independent women status or get caught in Adam's trail? 

Is Megan after a bit of Eyal’s Chi? Or will someone turn up the heat and flip the game in it’s head?! 

We'll meet you by the fire pit later. 

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