We're still talking about THAT kiss, Laura's got options and Giorgia is still LOYAl, or so she tells us....often.

So Grace and Frankie have left the villa and there’s two new boys strutting in. Poor Samira is devo. Ellie and Laura are trying to console her. She hopes Frankie waits for her. You could go babe, just saying. 

Charlie and Ellie are both still shook from being in the bottom three. New Jacks head is wrecked from the Laura situation. Jack's not going to start grafting her because two new boys are coming in. We’ll see what you’ve to say in a few hours.

The islanders are basically all on the edge, there’s more tears than the girls toilet at the debs and in trot the two new boys, Idris and Kieran shouting. Wrong crowd lads. Georgia is straight in quizzing them trying to see who they’re into, she’s all over the new boys. But she’s very LOYAL. She said it about ten times when she was chatting, did we say chatting, we mean outrageously flirting with Idris. She’s loyal though. 

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The hideaway is open, so off Wes and Megan go. They’ve been to the hideaway before, just both with other people.

New Jack and Laura are having under the cover chats. It looks like they’re kissing and making up. 

It’s a new day for the Islanders and Samira is moping around and dreamt about Frankie, he’s not dead Samira. 

Old Jack called the first outdoors DBS meeting. Wes is chatting going hard or going home, 

Over by the swings, The girls are chatting making love and Megan is all loved up. 

New boys Idris and Kieran are barely 12 hours in the villa and both of them are already grafting. They’re not messing around, like what the fuck are these two at? They’re aggressively trying to chat to the girls. They’re pounding around the villa asking the girls for chats. 

Idris starts by chatting Laura and Georgia who’s LOYAL is enjoying Kieran’s attention. Idris hops over the Samira, he lays it on thick, like seriously it was a bit much. Then Kieran goes balls to the wall and asks Kaz for a chat. She’s in a relationship, these boys are playing hardball. 

Although the new arrivals have ruffled new Jacks feathers. So he and Laura are going to give it a whirl, again. Hurrah! 

Sam really trusts Georgia and they have something really special. We feel sorry for Sam. 


The new boys have a chance to pick one girl to take on a date. 

Georgia who is coupled with Sam, is asking Sam which one might pick her. How is she still in there? Alex is sure Georgia will be asked on a date, the lads ask her if she’d kiss him if it was a good date. She says no, not with same and then there’s a super awkward exchange with Jack because we ALL KNOW she lobbed the gob on Jack. 

Kieran asks Georgia on and date and Idris picks Laura. They head out for a their dates.  

Jesus Christ Idris lays it on a bit thick, he’s not that likeable and then he does the unthinkable and says Jack kissed Georgia.  IDRIS you snake!!!! No, no! Please don’t fall for this shit Laura. This is actually cruel. 

Jack and Sam are back in the villa over analysing what their other halves could be up to on their dates. We like new Jack. He’s had a tough few days but he’s a good lad. 

As they return to the villa Laura looks worn out and Jack looks worried. We wondering have the producers gone too far?! Laura’s really had her share and now this. 

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