We\'re Team Laura!

We're Team Laura!

Ellie and Zara have arrived in the Love Island villa and are causing all sorts of drama. We love it!!

Oh God this is brilliant! Ellie and Zara have barely unpacked and the rest of the girls are losing their shit, marking their terrority. Honestly, they might as well just lift their legs and pee around the fellas. Rosie and Laura we're talking about you...

Speaking of which, Rosie is literally shitting herself but it’s okay, Adam has reassured her that they’re cool. I mean she dropped the hand, it must be serious? Sure. Adam, I can see your pants on fire from here.

Elsewhere, Samria is getting worried that her safety net / Dr Alex might have his head turned by the newbies. So, instead of being sound and wanting him to find love, she tells him to be careful because there's no way Ellie would fancy him in the real world. But she's just worried about him. You okay hun?! His little sunburnt face...

WHAT just happened?! That went from 0 to 💯 real quick! 😳 #LoveIsland

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The tension is high. I like it, I like it a lot.

The next morning the chaps are chatting about how the girls were less than welcoming towards Ellie and Zara when Adam spots his chance to start dissing Rosie. We know it's because he wants to trade up now that Zara has caught his eye but if he says it's because Rosie wasn't friendly then he's the good guy. Right? 

The new girls are amusing themselves, Ellie’s working on her chat up lines, peniscilin.

Cracker, Ellie, Cracker.

We’ve all got that one friend like Ellie... #LoveIsland

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Adam’s over by the kitchen, whipping up a shit storm. Not a huge surprise, but newbie Zara’s his type, well she does have a pulse and fanny so, ya know. 

Not content with causing trouble for himself he’s now going after the most solid couple, Wes and Laura, who you’ll remember just CELEBRATED their ONE WEEK anniversary. S O L I D  as a rock, turns out it might be limestone though. 

So what ya saying Wes, can your head be turned?!? 


The boys are making dinner for the new arrivals as Laura’s trying to make her gut feeling go away.

Dr Alex is working up a plan, “lots of contact, bit cheekiness with the elbows.” The lads are on board for his plan. Maybe too on board Adam?

PLOT TWIST! #LoveIsland

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God bless him, he’s sitting there basically sun stroked and he’s thinking about lobbing the gob, he should probably consider an aloe vera rub and the shade.

Speaking of shady, Wes is looking giddy about his date and not reassuring Laura I'm 29, his “marriage material” other half.

Date night. Ellie’s starter is Josh and Dr Alex is with Zara. Dr Al played a blinder and Josh, is open to getting to know Ellie. Georgia might throw her toys with that news.

Main course is whipped up by Wes for Ellie and Eyal, remember him, is with Zara. 

Question, why does Eyal talk so slowly?! Does he think it makes him spiritual and deep. 

Meanwhile, over with Wes and Ellie, there’s a chemistry, you can see it and Wes drops the bomb, he’s open to getting to know  Ellie. I’m too invested in this, I’m actually feeling nauseous for Laura. 

Roll credits. I need some chocolate, I’ve a sugar low after that and I’ve a funny feeling the next instalment is going to make me weak. Can’t wait, same time, same villa.

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