We like big baths and we cannot lie...

We like big baths and we cannot lie...

Bathtime is about to get a Christmas makeover. 

Christmas time is all about indulgence. You treat your loved ones to super fancy gifts and you eat your weight in mince pies, it truly is glorious. Nothing screams luxury quite like drawing yourself a lavish bath and with Lush's Christmas collection hitting the shops, we're going to be spending a lot more time soaking.

Here are 9 of the best products from the Lush Christmas Exclusives. If they won't get you in the Christmas spirit, we don't know what will...

Santa Bomb Bomb Bath Bome, €12.95, Lush

Is this not just the cutest thing ever? It also smells like strawberry and cream so we'll take six, thanks.

Snow Fairy Naked Body Conditioner, €10.95, Lush

It's become a classic Christmas scent at this stage and we're ready to bathe in it for next month.

Snowflake Bubble Spinner, €9.75, Lush

Okay, so we know fidget spinners are like so last year but you can't argue against the fact that these just really cool. 

Rudolph Jelly Mask, €9.75, Lush

A face mask that not only makes you look like Rudolph but also gives you his glow? We're in. 

Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub, €8.50, Lush

With Christmas comes mistletoe and with mistletoe comes a whole lot of kissing. You need to get those lips in shape and this exfoliant is the best man for the job.  

Gingerbread Man Sparkle Bar, €11.95, Lush

Y'know how you'll bake a tonne of gingerbread just to get that glorious smell around your house? Well thanks to this guy, you can smell like that too. There's also an extra festive treat hidden in his buttonholes. (SPOILER: it's glitter so your skin will be glowing.)

Holly Berry Massage Bar, €11.50, Lush

The name alone is reason enough to buy this massage bar but if you need a little more convincing, it's jam-packed with cocoa, mango, illipe and murumuru butter which basically means your skin will be insanely smooth.

Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar, €5.50, Lush

Did you even have a bath if it wasn't full to the brim with bubbles? This Candy Cane is going to transport you to a bubble heaven like no other. 

Naughty Elf Bubble Bar, €8.25, Lush

This little fella is perfect if you're one of those people who just aren't able to let go of summer as the bubble bar is mango scented. 

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