The store will be the first of its kind in Britain. 

This week, Lush is opening its first 'naked' shop – a store in which no packaging at all is used – in the UK.

Following the success of similar ventures in Milan and Berlin, the beauty retailer – known for its best-selling bath bombs and aromatic face masks – will open its doors to their first UK 'naked' store on 10 Market Street, Manchester.

With awareness of plastic pollution at an all-time high, Lush’s newest Naked shop will host an abundance of innovative and plastic packaging-free alternatives to their cosmetics – such as solid shampoo bars and soaps, to new naked skincare innovations.

And, rather than scanning labels for information, visitors to the shop will instead be able to scan products directly using the recently launched #LushLabs app, replacing packaging with a digital solution. 

Lush Lens is an in-development experiment feature which enables Lush to reduce their impact on the environment by using the phone's camera and Machine Learning to recognise products through the user’s smartphone camera, and give the customer detailed ingredient information and ‘how to use’ demonstrations via the app.

The new Naked shop in Manchester follows the success of Lush’s first two Naked shops in Milan and Berlin. Since opening in 2018, the solid shampoo bars have been their most popular products - with almost 8000 sold. 

Currently, 'naked' products make up almost 50% of Lush's core range.

Since its genesis 24 years ago, Lush has spearheaded both the fight against animal testing and the development of recyclable and reusable packaging.

Lush reports that, in 2018, its customers saved 1.8 million bottles of plastic bath products by choosing its packaging-free alternatives instead.

And now, as well leading by example and providing a service that so few beauty retailers do, the powers that be also claim that the new development will be kind to our wallets, too. 

“In Lush, we work in an industry where the packaging costs the customer more than the product," said Mark Constantine OBE, Lush’s co-founder and managing director.

"Now, the customer needs to worry about how to recycle something they didn’t want to buy in the first place. This seems like a raw deal to us. If we can cut out all the plastic packaging, we can give our customers better value for money."

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