what ever could be on their minds?

what ever could be on their minds?

Hearts on Valentine's? How unoriginal. 

Christmas just ended and we're already looking to the next important holiday: Valentine's Day. Sure, the cynics amongst you can say it's a made up day by greeting card companies to make money but we're a bunch of hopeless romantics so let us have our moment...okay?

There's a lot to look forward to when it comes to Valentine's day. There's spending the day with that special person in your life, there's getting to eat your weight in heart-shaped chocolates but our favourite? The Lush Valentine's collection. 

Lush takes the day of romance very seriously and we for one are thankful for it. Last year, we were spoilt with the launch of the Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon, the Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb and of course, the Love Boat Bath Bomb. But this year is their best collection yet.

Earlier in the week, Lush took to Instagram to tease out the first two products from their Valentine's range and no, your eyes do not deceive you. That really is a peach and aubergine bath bomb. For those of you who don't speak millennial, the peach emoji is used to represent your bum while the aubergine represents a certain part of the male's body that shall not be named. Now, we're not saying Lush is trying to suggest anything in particular butttt...

If you believe the rumours (aka Reddit), then we're going to be treated pretty well this year as the collection is going to be biggest than ever. We're talking a whopping 17 pieces. The Love Boat Bath Bomb is back for another year, there's a Love Island Sugar Scrub, an American Pie Body Conditioner and a Love Token Bubble Bar, to name but a few.

The collection will be available online from tomorrow (Jan 7) or it launches in its Irish branches on Jan 11.

See you in the queue! 

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