Maeve Madden Proving Blogger Babes Bloat Too

Maeve Madden Proving Blogger Babes Bloat Too

We chat to health and fitness blogger; Maeve Madden all about living life online.

Instagram can be a pretty bad place at times. You find yourself spending hours scrolling through your feed and more times than not, you come away feeling a little crap about yourself. That’s because nearly every second image is either photoshopped or filtered and it can be a little depressing comparing yourself to these unrealistic goals.

Thankfully, we’ve bloggers like Maeve Madden bringing a bit of fresh air to our social media scrolls. 

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We are all in the same bloat !! In today’s @thesun . If you are unfortunate enough to balloon after a rich meal or at certain times of the month you will know just how uncomfy and unattractive it feels .. (apart from when offered a seat on the rush hour tube) It can be a bit of a bloating hell . For many of us though it would be quite a pleasure for it to ONLY be because of an indulgent meal . IBS, Food intolerances / sensitivities, stress, hormones, pcos, endo it’s no wonder there are over 200k #bloated images on the gram, hence we are all in the same bloat.. . Bloating causes us so much physical discomfort and always seems to come at the most inconvenient of times. . If you are struggling with persistent bloating, minus the giant pizza and icecream then please I encourage you to seek medical advice & always get a second opinion . love 💕💕 . FOR TIPS POP TO MY STORIES TODAY . #maevemadden #beatyourbloat #bloated #bodyconfidence #loveyourself #ibs #pcos #pcosawareness

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We caught up with Maeve earlier this week to chat to her all about the importance of being honest online and the one health product she couldn’t do without.

On How She Started Her Blogging Career

"I first started off doing modeling work between here and London. Instagram was just starting around that time. I always wanted to fill my account with fashion but I tended to do more fitness shoots and would naturally post about them so I had people asking me about my fitness routine so I started posting 15 second video workouts and that's sorta when it all began to take off."

On Why She Decided To Be Honest Online

"My first honest post I put up was a while back when I was on holiday. I hadn't posted any pictures on my account from my holiday because I was really bloated and my friend was like oh just post it and I remember being like absolutely no way, I look gross, I don't want to share this but then suddenly I just posted it and everyone went crazy for it. Then I started filming videos and I think when you video yourself online, it's a lot harder to hide. I know when I started to film stories on snapchat or Instagram like I'd be on the couch with a top knot and I would just film because that's what I look like, why would I do anything else."

On If She's Ever Tempted To Edit Her Images

"Once I posted my first picture where I was bloated, it just became easy to be my trueself online. I found it really natural to talk about my IBS or my PCOS because I had already got the ball rolling. Sharing my natural skin online was really big for me. It was something I always tried to cover up with makeup. That post was a lot harder to post than the bloating post because the thing with bad skin is that it's there and it's not really going to go away and I didn't know what to do. People were so supportive and they were curious and it's a way to inspire people so I find it important to stay honest with my audience."

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MY PCOS SYMPTOMS : We each experience hormonal imbalances differently. 🖤 Yesterday i spoke at Cycle for your Cycle & the most popular question is always, How did i know I had PCOS .. How was I diagnosed! 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ Well truth be told, I had been suffering from severe heavy/ irregular periods, and pains for a long time.. I thought it was normal, we all get periods, mine where just really heavy, irregular and bad, I guess I was embarrassed about it, especially at school, and thus I choose to ignore it & suffer in silence when I shouldn’t have. . 8 years ago, I was suffering from severe cramping, rushed to hospital and was operated on within a matter of hours for ruptured cysts, I was told i could have lost my ovaries. It was then I was diagnosed with PCOS on both ovaries but I ad always had symptoms . .. The symptoms I had ANCE Difficulty loosing weight Major Mood swings Fatigue Abdominal Swelling Insomnia Anxiety Unusual Sugar cravings Pelvic Pain. Facial Hair. The severity of symptoms will differ in each woman, some may only have 2 some all .. Some loose hair and some grow thick dark hair .. . Currently PCOS cannot be cured but the severity of symptoms can be controlled through lifestyle changes. . Talking about periods should not be a taboo subject .. I want to thank each and every person both male and female who messaged me yesterday regarding period poverty .. I know I have so many to reply to and I will, i’m really excited to take on board all your thoughts and hope we can start a new cycle speaking more openly about feminine issues and care from a young age . .. If you feel you have any of the following symptoms of PCOS visit your doctor who should be able to take blood tests and refer you for an ultrasound scan. #maevemadden #pcos #pcosfighter #cysters #pcossupport #acne #realtalk #reality #loveyourself #periods

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On The Reason Behind Her Success Online

"I think it might be my honesty. People always tell me it's really refreshing. Nothing I do is anything new but people are able to relate and that's what people like to see online. I also think because my platform is a mix of everything that it helps too. I do my workouts, I do my honest photos of my skin and bloating, I do some fashion and beauty posts, I do health and discuss IBS and then I do stories that are just be goofing about the house. It's the good and the bad mixed together."

On Dealing With Online Hate

"I get a lot of hate over my accent. I get messages telling me I make their ears bleed and mean stuff like that. I remember one day I got so upset because there were just so many hurtful messages and I just felt like I couldn't get away but you can. It's difficult but  I just don't read it, I dont engage and I just remind myself that for every one nasty comment I get, there's hundreds of really lovely and supportive messages there too. Always just look at the positives."

On Staying Positive Online

"Create a positive feed for yourself. I always try and follow people similar to me whose posts make me feel good. Even if it's someone I'm friends with but I don't like what they post because it doesn't make me feel good, I just won't follow them. I also find that I try and not spend so much time online. I limit myself to how long I spend on my phone. Its easier said than done for sure but you can do it."

On Social Media's Good Side

"Social media gets a bad rap. People say it's really bad for your mental health but for me, social media has never been anything other than a positive experience. When I first started it, I was severly underweight and probably really unhappy but I found really strong inspiring women on there that that made me want to change my lifestyle for the better."

On The Quote She Lives By

"Strive for progress not perfection. It's a great thing to tell yourself because nobody is perfect. Setting yourself little goals and then when you achieve them, you feel great and it motivates you more to achieve more goals."

On Her Working Out Secret

"What people don't realise is that you should be doing different kinds of workouts depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. When I'm on my period and it's bad, I'll just go for a long walk or when I've just finished my period and I've bags of energy so I'll do lots of weights or a HIT class. Adapting your workout to your menstrual cycle is something girls really should look into."

On Keeping Motivated

"This time of year is really difficult to keep yourself motivated. What helps me and what I tell people is to make a plan and stick to it. Pick the days of the week you're going to workout on and decide what exercise you'll do that day. But there are some days when you just can't and that's okay. I'd say give it 15 minutes. If after 15 minutes, you still feel like you really don't want to do it. Most of the time, the hardest thing is getting in the right head space to workout but once you're at the gym or you've gone on your run, you always feel ten times better."

On Her Ultimate Cheat Meal

"Popcorn and pic a mix, mixed together. All the sugar. Ooh and definitely a big fizzy drink."

On The One Health Product, She Swears By

"Symprove - I've been on for months now. My friend Millie Mackintosh recommended I use this product. Her dermatologist put her on it and because she knows I suffer with IBS and I have problems with my skin, she said I just had to try it. 

After using the product for three weeks, I really started to notice a change. I suffer with IBS and with Symprove I found I wasn't going to the bathroom as frequently and I just find it really beneficial. I found it was helping my skin, I had more energy. There's all these bonus side effects to using the product that are really great."

Symprove is available at Meaghers pharmacy. 12 Week Programme, €199.98. For more information, check out or follow Maeve on Instagram.

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