From Queen Elizabeth I in Mary Queen of Scots to live-action Barbie? Margot Robbie, you got range girl! 

The rumors have been rife for a while, but Margot Robbie has confirmed she will be playing Barbie in a new film. Oh, and she'll be co-producing the film too, alongside Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamara too, under her LuckyChap Entertainment banner. 

This Barbie adaptation will mark the first announced deal to come out of Mattel’s newly-established Mattel Films, as well as the first collaboration between Mattel Films and Warner Bros. Pictures.

Barbie, But Woke

Despite Barbie starring in three dozen or so animated films, this will be the first live-action version, and you can rest assured the iconic doll won't be some ditzy bimbo cheering on Ken at soccer matches. Not if Robbie's previous production work is anything to go by (I, Tonya anyone? ). 

The movie is set to release in 2020 and details are still pretty scant at this point, but apparently, woke Barbie will be an entrepreneur and will be portrayed in all of her complex feminine glory. 

So, Who'll be Ken?

We're taking bets on which handsome actor will play Ken, and currently, Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill are two hot favorites. 

Those jaw lines... get placing your bets ladies! 

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