On Wednesdays, we reunite. 

Want to feel old this morning? Mean Girls came out 15 years ago. (Yes it's really been that long.) It feels like it was only yesterday that we first stumbled upon the cult classic but we reckon that's down to the fact we quote the film on a daily basis. 

Ever since Lindsay Lohan graced our screens as Cady, we've been praying to the film gods for a sequel. Let's all just pretend that Mean Girls 2 was never, ever made...it really is for the best. The closest we've come to any kind of remake was Ariana Grande's Thank U, Next video (it truly is the gift that keeps on giving) but considering that the video only starred a handful of supporting characters, we're not sure it qualifies as a reunion. 

The cast has had no major drama which means they don't entirely hate one another and it's that fact alone that enables us to keep the faith. Thankfully all that wishing has just paid off as two of our favourite Mean Girls had a reunion of their own.

On Jan 5 (why couldn't it be October 3), Lindsay Lohan was joined on her reality TV show by none other than Aaron Samuels aka Johnathan Bennett. Talk about grool. 

Don't believe us? Take a look at the pair's Instagram. P.S. Clock the caption on Bennett's post, our hearts.

This isn't your usual 'quick selfie to go viral' kind of reunion, Bennett is actually going to host the after-show of MTV's latest show,  Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. He'll be joined by C̶a̶d̶y̶ Lindsay to dissect the recent episode and we predict there's going to be a tonne of Mean Girls nostalgia. He's already taken Regina's advice by pushing his hair back. 

While there's no guarantee of a Mean Girls sequel happening any time soon, we can't think of a better time or place to get the ball rolling. Fingers crossed, eh?

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A reunion? Grool. @lohanbeachclub @lindsaylohan @mtv

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Till then, we'll be using these photos as our lock screen. 

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