The couple\'s official engagement shoot was serious goals

The couple's official engagement shoot was serious goals

Want to know what Meghan Markle is doing to her skin right now? Cos we know exactly how she's going to get that princess glow for Saturday.

Daddy Markle might be trying to steal her thunder RN, but his deal with TMZ can only do so much because Meghan Markle is the bride after all and come Saturday, we'll all be staring at her dress, her shoes, her hair, her makeup and her skin. Oh her family. Cos TBH there's nothing like family drams at a wedding. 

However, since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got engaged, the world and its mother has become a little obsessed with Ms Markle. What does she like? Where does she shop? Where does she exercise? What's her relationship history? But there's one thing they haven't uncovered, her London beauty secret. Nichola Joss. And it would appear Nichola loves Meghan! 

So what's all the fuss about?

Well, Nichola doesn't do normal facials, she does interior facials. Yup, she puts her hands inside your mouth and she massages the tissue that way. We were lucky enough to have a mini Nichola Joss facial and we can vouch for the fact that it hurts, but produces incredible results. Her client list is seriously A-List, and she's a superstar in the beauty world. 

Speaking about how she takes care of her skin, Meghan said: "The only facials that I’m obsessed with—and it’s not even a real facial—is this one by Nichola Joss. It’s so strange, it’s where she puts on gloves and massages your face from the inside.

"I had one in London last year and I’m going to see her again soon. She literally goes right in, and it hurts! But like in a hurts-so-good way. Like she’ll actually massage inside your mouth, and it’s just the most peculiar thing. But your skin will be glowing because it like opens up all these things, and she basically re-shapes your bone structure, like your cheekbones…it’s insanity!

"And she’ll teach you these little steps to do—like I always forget when I’m travelling, but if you spend 5 minutes a day doing these facial exercises, your face will look different. It sounds kooky, it sounds like one of those really privileged-person kind of things but all it is is using your muscles. Like you go to the gym and exercise your muscles and they look differently, so if you’re doing the same thing to your face, it looks different."

Want to try it yourself?


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