The Duchess is NOT happy

The Duchess is NOT happyGetty Images

Did someone say trouble in paradise?

Meghan Markle attended two royal events earlier this week and as per usual, the internet lost their minds for her outfit choices. While usually, the frenzy builds because the Duchess has taken on one of this season's hottest trends or simply because she's worn her favourite coat again, this time the internet was more concerned with her choice of jewellery, or lack thereof. 

On Monday, Meghan celebrated Commonwealth Day with her husband, Prince Harry as they attended Canada House. Later that day, the pair joined the rest of the royal family at Westminster Abbey to continue the celebrations. Two events obviously meant two separate outfit changes for Meghan and while the rest of us were gushing over that emerald green coat and left confused by her choice of hat, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Meghan Markle is no longer wearing her engagement ring.  

Getty Images

Getty Images

Which naturally resulted in the conspiracy theory that Meghan and Harry are having marital problems but it turns out, that's just nonsense. 

And speaking of nonsense, you know that feud that's supposedly going on between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle? Yeah, that's not true either because it turns out Meghan actually looks up to Kate as she took a page out of her pregnancy handbook and that is why Meghan Markle not wearing engagement ring.

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Getty Images

See, what we all seem to be forgetting is the fact that the Duchess of Sussex is 8 months pregnant and if any of you have ever been pregnant or know someone that has will know that the body likes to swell up like a balloon during pregnancy. 

Meghan Markle is just one month away from giving birth to the royal baby which means her hands have swollen and therefore can't wear her engagement ring because it currently doesn't fit.

Daily Star

Daily Star

It's not unusual for women's body to swell during pregnancy as it's a pretty common symptom. Even during each of Kate Middleton's pregnancies, the future queen has suffered from swelling which lead her to remove her engagement ring too. 

So you can all calm down now because the only thing unusual about Meghan's pregnancy is the fact that she's somehow able to attend all these royal events in heels whilst being 8 months pregnant. 

Not all superheroes wear capes, eh?

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